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Target by device, country, or app store, gain 100k+ new user installs in 72 hours, and maintain visibility and relevance as you acquire thousands of new users over time. Learn more


  • Achieve top visibility
  • 100k+ FreeMyApps new user installs
    in 72 hours
  • All users download and engage with app


  • Maintain visibility
  • Drive thousands of new users daily over extended time

Engage users to drive monetization

Reward users for in-app engagements (registrations, leveling up, tutorial completion, using a shopping cart, etc.) that directly tie to monetization points.

Unique Free My Apps Audience

Promote to a community of over 1.6 million active, connected users

Device Mix

  • 65% iPhone
  • 26% iPad
  • 9% iPod Touch
  • 91% Phone
  • 9% Tablet


  • 81% Male
  • 19% Female

Age Group

  • 13-17: 20%
  • 18-24: 44%
  • 25-34: 26%
  • 35-54: 9%
  • 55+: 1%

FreeMyApps social media promotions

Promote to FreeMyApps social community of over 1 million active, connected users

  • Drive additional organic users through social sharing and virality
  • Use contests and promotions to generate excitement and organic users

Social Amplification

Fast, Easy Campaign Setup

  • Predictable: install and budget projections provided
  • Easy: FreeMyApps team handles promotional copy, creative (app icon), campaign setup and optimization

Campaign Tracking

Works with leading tracking solutions

On Demand Reporting and Data Export

The FreeMyApps Dashboard offers real-time campaign tracking, performance, cost and ROI reporting, and cohort and user decay analysis.

FreeMyApps Self Serve Platform

  • Set up your campaign and tracking options
  • Pay via credit card