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The millions of new phones and tablets that will be given as gifts this holiday season create a massive opportunity for app publishers to capture lots of new loyal users. But because of this, it's also one of the most competitive seasons of the year.

Fill out the form and learn:

  • How user behavior impacted app marketing in recent years
  • How to put audience marketing to work this holiday season
  • Value vs. volume strategies and which makes more sense for you
  • Tips for Android and iOS app marketing

Whether you’re a large brand just ramping up on mobile or an app developer who lives and breathes mobile, the benefits of audience data are undeniable. In fact, according to a recent study, digital marketers in the US and the UK say their number one priority for 2015 is creating campaigns based on a deeper understanding of audiences. If you’re wondering how you can gain that deeper understanding, we’ve got you covered.

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  • How you can engage audiences throughout the customer journey
  • What key data sources you should be leveraging
  • How that data can be used to effectively build audiences
  • How you can reach your audiences across key mobile channels
  • Why it's critical to optimize for results

One of the most effective tools in marketer's repertoire, retargeting can generate repeat exposure, increase engagement and sales, and boost loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

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  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Retain valuable users
  • Decrease UA costs by as much as 40%
  • Cross-promote new apps and products to your current user base

FreeMyApps is the world’s largest rewards-based network for direct response and app discovery. With 1.6 million monthly active users, FreeMyApps offers a cost-effective source to drive engagement and acquire new users for your app.

Fill out the form and get a detailed look at the ad network that can help you:

  • Drive large numbers of downloads quickly
  • Boost app store visibility
  • Efficiently acquire new organic users
  • Encourage the completion of marketing actions like survey completion, lead generation, and site registration

As more and more brands shift their marketing budgets to mobile, they’re increasingly challenged with identifying and targeting their desired audiences. With more than 2 billion mobile device profiles, and access to nearly all mobile ad channels, we have a solution.

If you’re interested in learning how Fiksu’s unique combination of data, reach and optimization can help you make informed mobile marketing decisions, target your desired audience, drive awareness for your brand, and increase leads, registrations and more, join us for a tour of our Fiksu mobile brand marketing products.

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  • The opportunities and challenges facing today’s brand marketers
  • The unique advantages of our mobile-first platform
  • How Fiksu Aware can help you target precise mobile audiences to drive brand awareness
  • How Fiksu Response can help you drive mobile leads, registrations, sales and more
  • Case studies highlighting successful mobile brand marketing campaigns

At Fiksu, we believe that data is the single most critical component of any effective app marketing campaign. So it’s a good thing we’ve collected more than 9 trillion mobile marketing events and driven more than 4 billion mobile app downloads to date.

If you’re interested in learning how Fiksu’s unique combination of data, reach and optimization can help you make informed app marketing decisions, acquire more high-value users, lower CPIs, and grow your ROIs, join us for a tour of our Fiksu mobile app marketing products.

Fill out the form to learn:

  • The opportunities and challenges facing today’s app marketers
  • The unique advantages of our mobile-first platform
  • How Fiksu Acquire can help you build a high value user base for your app
  • How Fiksu Retain can help you re-engage existing users and build loyalty
  • Case studies highlighting successful mobile app marketing campaigns

The mobile ecosystem is large, fragmented, and subject to volatility. Traffic channels that work one day may not prove effective the next. And over time, many marketers struggle to consistently identify the most efficient ways to reach the right audiences. Programmatic marketing solves these challenges, helping marketers target precise audiences efficiently while staying on top of an always-changing ecosystem.

Fill out the form and explores the latest in programmatic mobile marketing:

  • Programmatic marketing and its impact on mobile
  • Beyond RTB: extending programmatic techniques to multiple channels
  • The role of data in making ad buying decisions
  • The importance of optimizing - and how many ways there are to optimize
  • Scaling for success

With the introduction of the mobile app install ad, Facebook has become one of the leading traffic sources for mobile app marketers. While many app marketers find great value there, maintaining high performance — particularly when scaling up or running campaigns for a longer period of time — can be a real challenge.

To reach the next level of success, Facebook offers almost limitless ways to segment audiences and optimize ad buying, but it can be hard to know which tactics to use, and if your campaigns are reaching their full potential.

Fill out the form to learn:

  • How Facebook compares with other popular app marketing channels
  • How to structure and manage campaigns to get the maximum value out of Facebook
  • How to verify if your Facebook performance is achieving its full potential
  • What tools are available to get the most out of Facebook mobile app install ads
  • A case study showing how app developer Shotzoom, maker of the PGATourCaddie app, used Facebook to generate superior results


Jim Thomas
Product Marketing Manager, Fiksu
Tom Cummings
Client Accounts Director - US Apps,
Ben Addoms
President, Shotzoom
(makers of the PGATourCaddie app)

In today's hyper-competitive app marketplace, simply creating a great app isn't enough. You need a solid app marketing plan to make sure you can bring in the users you need to meet your goals. But until you launch, how can you know what your likely costs and challenges will be?

The best approach to is to validate your marketing strategy with testing and benchmarking. Join this webinar to learn:

  • The importance of testing your app marketing across multiple channels
  • How app marketing costs vary among different types of apps
  • What it takes to prepare an app marketing plan

We'll also introduce you to the Fiksu Benchmark service, which test markets your app and provides a detailed report that compares your likely costs to others in your app category, plus concrete recommendations for improvement. 

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