The mobile ecosystem is large, fragmented, and subject to volatility. Traffic channels that work one day may not prove effective the next. And over time, many marketers struggle to consistently identify the most efficient ways to reach the right audiences. Programmatic marketing solves these challenges, helping marketers target precise audiences efficiently while staying on top of an always-changing ecosystem.

This webinar explores the latest in programmatic mobile marketing. In it we'll cover:

  • Programmatic marketing and its impact on mobile
  • Beyond RTB: extending programmatic techniques to multiple channels
  • The role of data in making ad buying decisions
  • The importance of optimizing - and how many ways there are to optimize
  • Scaling for success

The millions of new phones and tablets that will be given as gifts this holiday season create a massive opportunity for app publishers to capture lots of new loyal users. But because of this, it's also one of the most competitive seasons of the year.

This webinar will cover:

  • How user behavior impacted app marketing in recent years
  • Value vs. volume strategies and which makes more sense for you
  • Tips for Android and iOS app marketing

The release of iOS 8 will bring significant changes to Apple’s operating system, and as a result, presents app marketers with an array of new challenges and opportunities.

This webinar will cover:

  • What the popularity of iOS 8 means for app marketers
  • Actionable Notifications and its impact on retargeting
  • What video on the app store means for your creatives
  • “Continuity” and the integration between Macs and iOS devices
  • And much more

FreeMyApps is the world’s largest app and game discovery network. With 1.6 million monthly active users, FreeMyApps offers a cost-effective source to acquire new users for your app.

In this presentation, get a detailed look at the ad network that can help you:

  • Drive large numbers of downloads quickly
  • Boost app store visibility
  • Efficiently acquire new organic users

At Fiksu, we believe that data is the single most critical component of any effective app marketing campaign. It’s why we built our Programmatic Mobile App Marketing Platform around it.

If you’re interested in learning how data-driven strategies and programmatic technologies can help you make informed marketing decisions, acquire more high-value users, lower CPIs, and grow your ROIs, join us for a tour of the Fiksu product platform.

We’ll cover some of the common issues plaguing app marketers, like:

  • Testing and evaluating the most effective ways to market your app
  • Growing a long-term, profitable user base
  • Maximizing visibility in the app stores
  • Retaining and retargeting users

This session will cover all of Fiksu’s technologies for data-driven, programmatic buying, as well as cover many of the questions and concerns facing app marketers.

Twitter's introduction of dedicated mobile app promotion products has generated a lot of excitement in the app marketing world - and rightfully so. The combination of social and mobile is a powerful one for finding exactly the right app users, and Twitter's product suite offers multiple key features that app marketers can take advantage of.

But as with any new ad product, there are plenty of questions to be answered. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to get started with Twitter MAP
  • What tactics and targeting strategies are the most effective
  • What tools are available to maximize performance

We'll also look at detailed performance metrics from current Fiksu clients, and compare them to other channels. Sign up today.

As apps continue to dominate more and more consumer time (currently 51% of all digital media time) and spending ($75B by 2017), they demand more and more sophisticated marketing strategies. But in a rapidly evolving marketplace, where new ad channels, new devices, and shifting consumer behavior all combine to make last year's tactics obsolete, it's important to step back and understand the larger picture.

Take a look at the app marketing ecosystem:

  • The challenges and opportunities in 2014
  • The evolution and growing importance of real-time bidding
  • The pivotal role of first-party data

In the incredibly crowded mobile app market, getting a launch right is a huge challenge. You only get one chance to make a big entrance - so it's important to get it right. That's why so many developers and publishers use a soft launch to learn as much as they can about marketing and monetizing their apps and games before the full release.

This webinar draws on our experience soft launching hundreds of apps to describe how you can best use the soft launch technique for your own app or game. We'll cover:

  • The basics of executing a soft launch
  • How to decide what you can and can't test
  • What to look for in a tracking partner

Incentivized networks that reward users for trying new apps have been part of the app marketing ecosystem from the beginning. However, they've been laboring under some mistaken assumptions, from rumors that Apple bans them completely, to the idea that they can't generate valuable users.

Now, incent networks are beefing up their offerings and making the case for why they should be a part of any app marketing mix. We've brought together a panel of experts from Tapjoy, SponsorPay, and Fiksu's own FreeMyApps to talk about incent:

  • The latest trends in incent
  • How incent fits into a larger app marketing strategy
  • Tips and techniques to put incent to work for you


Steve Bagdasarian
VP, Business Development, Fiksu
( moderator )
Tammy Taw
Director of
Developer Relations,
David Diaz
VP of Developer Relations,
Glenn Kiladis
VP, New Market &
Media Solutions Games Evangelist, FreeMyApps

With the introduction of the mobile app install ad, Facebook has become one of the leading traffic sources for mobile app marketers. While many app marketers find great value there, maintaining high performance — particularly when scaling up or running campaigns for a longer period of time — can be a real challenge.

To reach the next level of success, Facebook offers almost limitless ways to segment audiences and optimize ad buying, but it can be hard to know which tactics to use, and if your campaigns are reaching their full potential.

This webinar will cover:

  • How Facebook compares with other popular app marketing channels
  • How to structure and manage campaigns to get the maximum value out of Facebook
  • How to verify if your Facebook performance is achieving its full potential
  • What tools are available to get the most out of Facebook mobile app install ads
  • A case study showing how app developer Shotzoom, maker of the PGATourCaddie app, used Facebook to generate superior results


Jim Thomas
Product Marketing Manager, Fiksu
( moderator )
Tom Cummings
Client Accounts Director - US Apps,
Ben Addoms
President, Shotzoom
( makers of the PGATourCaddie app )

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