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The ten top features to look for in a rewards or incent network

Using Facebook’s mobile app install ads to build a loyal user base

Leveraging mobile to build customer relationships, drive revenue and market share

Comparisons, advantages and limitations of today’s tracking technologies

Technology and Practices for High-Performance Results

Based on discussions with numerous mobile app marketers, this eBook outlines the top 5 mobile marketing mistakes, along with actions to eliminate errors and effectively grow your mobile app business.

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For many, "filing" receipts involves cramming crumpled pieces of paper into a wallet or purse, only to lose or misplace them, or wind up throwing them out in annoyance. Tackling this age-old problem with the lofty aim of eliminating the hassle once and for all is Lemon, a mobile app for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, that lets users store receipts and receipt data in the cloud and effectively keep track of their purchase.

Fiksu Indexes

In November, the Index increased by two percent to 5.7 million daily downloads from October’s 5.6 million


In November, the Index rose 10 percent, or 16 cents, to $1.79 from October’s $1.63.

  • May 21, 2015

    You can’t talk about innovation in Boston without mentioning MITX. The Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange is a dynamic and growing community of thought leaders, collaborators, and individuals in search of insight, education and opportunity. Their annual awards event, held just last week, is one of the best and biggest of its kind in the nation.

    In keeping with the spirit of innovation, the organization sponsors a...

  • May 11, 2015

    No matter what your goal is on mobile – whether you’re trying to get users to download your app, or raise awareness for your brand – audience targeting is key to achieving success. This typically includes targeting based on key characteristics like who someone is (gender, age, etc.) and what they like (travel, games, sports, etc.).

    It also now includes targeting based on exactly where someone is – and we’re not just talking about a static location, like in their home or office. We’re...

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View an interview with Fiksu CEO Micah Adler during Mobile World Congress, 2012.