This month’s Fiksu Index showed app marketing costs hit an all-time high.  Following the launches of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and Apple iOS 8 release, the cost for marketers to acquire loyal users (CPLU) reached $2.25. CPLU increased 21 percent from August, and 34 percent since September 2013. Taking a peek at the increasing costs to acquire loyal users over a two-year time period (2012-2014), we see an upward sloping trend line – demonstrating that marketers continue to face an environment of increasing costs and competitive forces.

“Being willing to be early gives you the advantage of being there before the crowd of advertisers is already there.” So says Ben Addoms, President and GM at Shotzoom Software, makers of the app Golfshot: Golf GPS, which helps improve golf performance. Golfshot was one of the first apps to use Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion products earlier this summer.

A new report from Jumio reveals that merchants and brands could lose out on up to $8.6 billion in mobile sales this holiday season due to checkout cart abandonment.

The study found that consumers abandon the mobile checkout process for many reasons, including slow network speeds and high shipping fees.

If you're a retailer, how can you prevent this from happening in your mobile site or app?

As the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 arrive in stores and customers' mailboxes, we've turned on our iPad launch tracker to see how this generation compares to previous iPads. Will pent-up consumer demand driveincreible sales? Is the addition of the fingerprint scanner a big draw? Did that laser-shaved pencil demonstration of how thin the Air is really win people over?

We’re happy to announce we’ve got a new and improved version of our most popular ebook, Best Marketing Practices for Growing Your Mobile App. In this fast-moving industry, a lot has changed over the last few years, and we’re happy to reflect those changes in our updated guidelines. This ebook provides a great foundation for anyone looking to get started with mobile app marketing.

Today marks an important milestone in Fiksu’s history. This morning we announced that we secured  $10 million in debt funding from Silicon Valley Bank, which means more support to fuel our global expansion and ongoing product development. With this new financing we have the room to build out even more innovation in the world of programmatic ad tech for mobile and serve a broader audience of clients around the world.

A new study conducted by MobileDevHQ, an ASO company recently acquired by Tune, suggests that where an app ranks in search results, rather than where it ranks in the top charts, is the most important component of discoverability. But we’re not so sure that paints a complete and clear picture: consumer intent in this and similar surveys is actually quite unclear.

The difference between searching and "searching"?

Advertising Week, the annual celebration of the business of advertising, concluded today in New York.  Here are some of the more notable takeaways:

Mobile Media Summit:           

There are many reasons why Fiksu has been voted the #1 company to work for in the Boston area. My personal favorite is the Fiksu2Fiksu century ride. It’s a 100 mile bike ride that starts in our Northampton office in the Western part of Massachusetts, and crosses through some beautiful (and sometimes hilly) countryside, ending at our Boston office. Fiksu offices in other parts of the world also take part and plot their own course routes.

When Smarter in the City announced its new incubator earlier this year, Fiksu’s Christian Galvin knew he needed to get involved. Based in Roxbury’s Dudley Square, the incubator caters to local entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

“This to me was unique,” said Galvin. “There are literally thousands of incubators right now, but I’ve yet to see any other incubator that focuses on the inner-city like this one does.”

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