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With more than a billion users regularly connecting via mobile, Facebook offers a huge and tempting audience to app marketers. But its appeal goes beyond size, as custom tailored mobile app ads can:

  • Appear in user’s mobile News Feeds
  • Link directly to the app stores
  • Provide a wealth of flexible audience selection features
  • ...Read more

Le Figaro, the longest-running and largest newspaper in France, has, like many others, had to adapt with the times. Most recently, the company has made the move into mobile, launching an app to deliver the news to their customers whenever and wherever they need it....Read more

What gets us buzzing over here at Fiksu? As anyone who works for us, or with us, will tell you – we get excited when we can help our clients achieve their goals. Yesterday, the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) announced the finalists of its 2015 MITX Awards, the annual awards competition for marketing and technology excellence. Our team at Fiksu is proud to be been named a finalist in the “Best Mobile Campaign” category for a successful campaign and partnership we developed with pre-eminent baseball trading card company and app developer, Topps....Read more

Following this year’s Super Bowl, our Craig Palli wrote in Venture Beat that the first-ever appearance of mobile app commercials during the game was indicative of a coming and sustained mobile presence in live-event advertising. After the NCAA basketball tournament, his prediction looks better than ever....Read more

To measure the effectiveness of paid app install marketing, advertisers need to track the performance of their ad creatives across multiple channels and targeting options. To do that, you need to use an ID-based, closed-loop attribution solution. There are two main ways to “close the loop” with paid campaigns, however: click-through and view-through attribution. How do you know which is right for your campaign? ...Read more

After four consecutive record-breaking months of downloads, the February 2015 App Store Competitive Index, which tracks the average aggregate daily download volume of the top 200 free iOS apps, came in at 9.7 million daily downloads. This represents a 6 percent decrease from January and a significant 43 percent increase since last February. As expected for this time of year, it is common to see February numbers dip due to the short month as well as typical reduction in post-holiday spending. Following suit, the Fiksu Cost Per Loyal User Index (CPLU) was down 3 percent from January to $2.80 in February, but still up 76 percent year-over-year....Read more

Mobile marketing is a challenge.  A fragmented ecosystem, innumerable targeting options, the fluctuating effectiveness of advertising channels, and a lack of necessary data are only some of the many obstacles coming between marketers and their intended audiences.  To err on a mobile campaign is human....Read more

Amwell, a free-to-download app created by American Well and launched in October 2013, gives Americans live video access to US board-certified doctors, therapists, and nutritionists 24/7/365 from a mobile device -- for just $49 per visit....Read more

Today marks the official start of March Madness, college basketball’s biggest stage. Last year, 102 million viewers tuned in to the tournament to watch on average more than 6 hours of college hoops madness each....Read more

It’s Monday morning and my alarm is sounding. Time to get up. I pick up my phone and with the touch of a few buttons I have turned off the alarm, turned on my lights and started my coffee maker. I walk into the kitchen and voice-activate my speakers, which tell me the weather and fill me in on the morning news. As I walk out the door, I grab my backpack with a built in charger, my smart watch and my trusty smart phone. No need to carry loud jangly keys anymore- with another tap of a button I lock my house doors behind me and lower my heat. I walk up to my bike where the lock is automatically opened based on my proximity to it. Before mounting my bike, I receive a small vibration from my smart watch notifying me that my first meeting is delayed; just enough time to grab some Starbucks coffee before work. I place the order on my phone so it’s ready when I get there....Read more

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