The August Index was one for the record books, with the Cost per Loyal User index hitting an all-time high of $1.90 – a six percent, or ten cent, increase from July’s $1.80. Driving this increase were two main factors:

iOS 7 has been out for a week now, and adoption is soaring -- the latest data on our tracker shows IOS 7 devices making up about 58% of the those on our network. Considering that represents over 200 million devices, that's pretty good uptake for one week!

A glance at our iOS 7 adoption tracker shows an incredible growth curve in the first 48 hours. At this same point in 2012, 48 hours after iOS 6 was released, 25% of devices had been updated - which dwarfed the 15% adoption rate that iOS 5 had seen in the same timeframe. This week, iOS 7 blew both those numbers away, and it's on its way to reach 40% of all iOS devices in 48 hours.

With the launch of iOS 7 today and the two new iPhones on Friday, there's been plenty of speculation about what's going to happen. Well, sometime today - probably around 10am Pacific time - the speculators can start to see how well they did.

August has been a pretty slow month for mobile app marketing in recent years, but this year went a different direction. Not only did our July indexes reach impressive heights, but Apple also introduced a new wrinkle to its ranking algorithm all while gearing up for its annual launch of new eye-catching gadgets. So much excitement, that we almost missed the coveted Index post!

As we've discussed, the upcoming introduction of two new iPhones is likely to create a significant opportunity for app marketers as users load up their new phones with apps. On the heels of today's formal introduction of the iPhone 5S, 5C, and announcement of iOS 7's release date of 9/18, here are a few thoughts for app marketers.

The months and weeks of speculations are almost over as we count down the days to the much-anticipated Apple event on Tuesday at which the iPhone 5S, iOS7, and potentially a low-cost iPhone 5C will be publicly unveiled.

Recently, Fiksu attended the MoDevTablet conference at the Bell Harbor Conference Center, located on the beautiful Seattle waterfront. Between workshops, conferences and the hackathon that took place on Saturday, everyone seemed to be in agreement when it came to one thing – tablets are the new home screen. One in three people use their tablet more than they watch TV, and 28 percent of people now use a tablet as their primary PC.

While the buzzword "transparency" gets thrown around a lot, it's not always used consistently. Here's a quick look at why transparency is so important and what it really looks like.

Mixing multiple sources essential to app marketing success

App marketing today isn't about choosing "the" best source of new users: no matter how effective Facebook or another channel is, there are always more users to be had at other channels. Successful strategies balance a range of incent, non-incent, and social app marketing channels to get the best total results.

This week the Mobile Excellence Awards announced its 2013 finalists, and for the second year in a row, we’re honored to be recognized as a finalist – this year as an Industry Star!

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