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Last week, Google joined the ranks of fellow tech giants Facebook and Twitter by introducing dedicated mobile app install ads for Google Search and Youtube.   Of particular note in the company’s announcement was an emphasis on deep linking....Read more

Have you gone for a hike in the mountains this summer? Well, then you’re following in similar footsteps as app marketing costs – which have continued to climb in July’s Index. The Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) Index, which measures the cost of acquiring a loyal user for brands who proactively market their apps, came in at $1.97. This represents a 9 percent increase year-over-year and the second-highest peak in the four year-history of the Fiksu Indexes....Read more

2014 was a watershed year for mobile. For the first time, consumers used smartphones and tablets more—194 minutes per day—than laptops/desktops (103 minutes) and television (147 minutes).  And when you consider that mobile devices are only growing in popularity, it’s a safe bet that this difference in media consumption will continue to widen.   In our latest ebook, Bridging the Desktop/Mobile Divide, we examine how app marketers can capitalize on this shift in device preference....Read more

Within the past few weeks, both Google and Facebook announced major changes to how games with in-app purchases (IAPs) can be advertised on their networks. Google will instate several new policies by the end of September, including:

  • no longer allowing apps to be categorized as “free” if they offer in-app purchases
  • preventing users (particularly children) from being debited through an app’s default settings
  • encouraging developers to provide an email address should consumers wish to voice concerns or complaints.  
  • ...Read more

Here at Fiksu, we consider ourselves a mobile advertising data powerhouse. Recently, we announced some pretty impressive stats to back that up. In case you haven’t already heard, that includes:

  • 3 billion app downloads driven
  • 1.7 billion device profiles
  • 300 billion in-app events
  • 3.5 trillion marketing events

  • 1.2 billion loyal users
  • Over $100 million in revenue
  • ...Read more

Choosing the most memorable line from among Aarron Sorkin’s dozens of eminently quotable retorts, quips, and rambling monologues is no easy task.  The most likely consensus would be for  “You can’t handle the truth” from A Few Good Men, but, for my money, it’s Sean Parker admonishing Mark Zuckerberg’s lack of ambition in 2010’s The Social Network. ...Read more

On July 28, we published the first of a two-part interview with Fiksu’s Glenn Kiladis, vice president of new market and media solutions and games evangelist, in which he spoke about the importance of loyal users.  If you haven’t heard the interview, you can listen here....Read more

Fiksu is proud to be named a nominee for BostInno’s Coolest Companies Competition, an award we took home last year....Read more

Last week, Fiksu’s Glenn Kiladis, vice president of new market and media solutions and games evangelist, spoke at the 2014 Casual Connect conference in San Francisco.  Before his presentation, Technology Advice interviewed Glenn for his perspective on a range of pressing mobile industry topics....Read more

Fiksu is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and our international offices are no exception. In fact, our London based team has grown so much that they just relocated to a bigger and better office with room for continued growth. 

...Read more

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