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App downloads were flying high this October, rising 23 percent since last month and reaching 7.9 million total downloads. With the late September release of the latest iPhone—the 6S—consumers got straight to work during October, installing apps on their new devices. In the meantime, the cost to acquire a loyal user fell slightly. This leveling of CPLU happened as a result of app loyalty: as many iPhone 6S users added ‘vital apps’ to their new devices—apps they already have a tendency to keep and use—this drew the overall cost to acquire users in October down....Read more

Retargeting and remarketing are two terms that we often see used synonymously and interchangeably. Both refer to the act of re-engaging people who are already in your funnel. Distinctions are often drawn in other channels like desktop, where retargeting may mean serving display ads to someone who has visited your site and remarketing can mean following up with an email....Read more

Update 2: Looks like it was just a slow rollout. The shopping category is now appearing in iTunes and the iOS App Store - although the big-name shopping apps are still not showing up on the All Categories top chart. Amazon, iBotta, and Target's Cartwheel, for example, were all in the top 40 overall before the change - and are not found in the top ranks at all right now....Read more

The new iPhones had a dramatic impact on app downloads in September—but not in the direction you might think. We saw a sharp decline in app download volume, down 21 percent to 6.4 million daily downloads, the lowest volume since last September. Seems like consumers anticipating an upgrade to one of the new iPhones at the end of the month cut back on their app downloads. It makes sense: why go looking for new apps when you know you're about to upgrade? Similarly, the release of iOS 9 and resulting flurry of app upgrades issued by developers may have contributed to the lack of downloads. Users waiting on their new devices likely didn’t upgrade to iOS 9, and some app upgrades required the latest OS....Read more

I’m always pretty excited about new possibilities for improving ad targeting and performance on Facebook. I’ll admit, however, that my first reaction to the new reaction emojis was dislike—especially because there was no Dislike button, which is something I was really looking forward to using regularly. And when I heard there were six new options but it wasn’t a true Likert Scale (a 1 through 7 range of Strongly Dislike to Strongly Like) I got a little more bummed. But after some more thought, I gotta admit, the potential is pretty impressive....Read more

Update: As we were finalizing this post, Apple did in fact remove Been Choice from the App Store, citing privacy concerns. Whether it comes back in an altered form or not, Tom's advice is worth keeping mind before you do anything drastic. -- Ed....Read more

The month of August marked a watershed moment for the Fiksu Indexes, as the Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) index surpassed $4 for the first time. That’s a 36 percent rise since July and a 117 percent increase since last year. ...Read more

Everyone lined up at the Northampton Office – ready to roll out
This past Saturday marked the 4th annual Fiksu2Fiksu (F2F for short) event, a 100-mile ride between Fiksu's two Massachusetts offices, from Northampton to Boston. The tradition was started by a handful of avid cyclers at Fiksu with the support of CEO Micah Adler, who joins the ride every year. The camaraderie and a love of cycling brings riders back year after year, and this year was no different: the morning of September 12th was foggy, not too cold, and you could feel the excitement. Despite the early start time, all 12 riders assembled were thrilled to embark on a full day of biking. 
Ride organizer Laura Gray with doggy cheerleader Delilah. Fiksu is an equal opportunity pet lover.
After a small mishap the year before with the fourth rest stop not appreciating 25 riders just showing up, we changed our final stop to the start of the Minuteman trail in Bedford. This added approximately 5 miles, but lead to an easier and more picturesque ride into Boston. I think this also attributed to the amount of personal records that were broken on Saturday, including one rider who can ride 70 miles each for three days straight, but had never ridden 100 in a day. In total we had 4 volunteers and 16 riders biking between 45 and 105 miles.
The traditional ice cream stop. Little known fact, goats love ice cream.
This year our London office also did their own ride they called the F2C. They rode from Dulwich Village to Eastbourne, UK with 8 riders and a handful of supporters who all gathered for a BBQ on the beach at the end of the ride.
Fiksu London getting into the spirit. 
Congratulations to all the riders—and here's hoping for an even bigger group next year. 

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation about iOS 9 ad blocking in the press. We at Fiksu feel this concern is overblown among advertisers....Read more

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