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Unveiling Enhancements to Our Innovative Mobile App Marketing Platform

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fiksu! Last week, in between stops at the Game Monetization Summit, Mobile Gaming Europe, and AppNation, we debuted FreeMyApps for Android. Today, we’re introducing a number of innovative enhancements to our flagship Fiksu Platform that make it the first and only platform to provide comprehensive tracking, centralized media buying access, advanced optimization, and detailed reporting for mobile app marketers. Put simply, it's a high-performance platform for mobile app marketing.

At the center of these updates is our new powerful reporting and analytics dashboard for tracking mobile app advertising performance and media spend. Our platform also now features the most technologically advanced approach to attribution and tracking for real-time bidding (RTB), removing the guesswork from bidding and buying decisions and solving the historically difficult problem of mobile targeting.

We recognize that a robust mobile advertising platform is the future of mobile app marketing, and we're committed to leading the charge. We’ve already seen impressive results for our customers’ user acquisition programs, including up to 60 percent reduction in media costs, up to a three-time increase in loyal user acquisition, and significant revenue for 30 of the top 50 grossing gaming app publishers.

Here’s a quick look at the new and enhanced features:

  • New analytics dashboard: The new Fiksu dashboard provides full transparency into mobile advertising performance including detailed statistics on post-download behaviors such as purchases and registrations. It equips marketers with deep, customizable analysis into loyal user acquisition and monetization tactics by ad network, campaign, country, and device, moving targeting beyond CPI to focus on what really matters: finding users that engage and monetize.
  • Tracking and attribution: With five patents pending around mobile ad tracking and app marketing, our platform delivers the most accurate, measurable results and the greatest buying power. A multitechnology approach, including UDID, Advertising Identifier, Digital Fingerprinting, HTML5 cookies, and MAC Address tracking, enables access to more than 225 billion global monthly impressions across hundreds of ad networks, real-time bidding exchanges, social networks, and premium publisher sources.
  • Broadest campaign tracking: Our platform now allows marketers to track all their campaigns by providing tracking links that can be used to monitor and report on social media, email, QR codes, and other campaigns — all in one central location within the Fiksu dashboard, regardless of the campaigns’ origins.
  • Centralized media buying: We can now connect app marketers to more than 95 percent of all available iOS and Android inventory. Our platform’s ad buying capabilities are fueled by recent enhancements to our demand-side RTB platform, enabling the most value through targeted, highly cost-efficient media buying. Unparalleled technology advances give us access to this valuable RTB inventory without the need for UDIDs or identifiers.
  • KnowledgeBase: Our platform draws upon 59 billion tracked app events, with an additional 1.7 billion added every week, to deliver unprecedented insights that drive precise targeting, removing guesswork from bidding and buying decisions.  

We are truly excited to launch the new platform and looking forward to continued growth in 2013. 

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