Recently, Fiksu attended the MoDevTablet conference at the Bell Harbor Conference Center, located on the beautiful Seattle waterfront. Between workshops, conferences and the hackathon that took place on Saturday, everyone seemed to be in agreement when it came to one thing – tablets are the new home screen. One in three people use their tablet more than they watch TV, and 28 percent of people now use a tablet as their primary PC.

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Apple already made quite a big splash in the mobile world this fall, releasing its iPhone 5 to record-breaking sales and pushing out its iOS 6 operating system to a staggering 200 million devices. Now, on the verge of the holiday shopping season, the technology giant has unveiled a long-awaited, smaller-format tablet – the iPad Mini – that is expected to shake up the market with its ultra-sleek design and powerful display.  ...Read more

According to industry data, mobile now trumps every other channel for media consumption. And a new study presents evidence that encourages app developers to increasingly incorporate custom ad experiences into in-app ads to bolster engagement. On the tablet front, Samsung has pulled out the big guns, unveiling its 2012 “hero product.” And two app brands in the jam-packed games category have found a way to crack the monetization mystery – and are reaping the benefits....Read more

New research suggests the increasingly large screen sizes and impressive graphics will make tablets a growing force in mobile games. While mobile game developers may be thankful for the specs on the new iPad tablet, new iPad 3 owners may not be so thrilled. Consumer reports reveal that owners are less than satisfied with the increased heat put out by the device, as well as the decreased battery life. And interestingly, though mobile games are designed to offer consumers entertainment on-the-go, a new survey reveals that almost half of all gaming sessions occur when users are at home. Speaking of games, Angry Birds Space made quite a debut this week, read on to find out more…...Read more

We’ve been hit with tablet fever. Apple’s new iPad has the industry buzzing this week and new data surrounding tablet consumption abounds. The third iteration of the best-selling tablet is slated to hit stores on March 16. Prior to launching the new tablet device on Wednesday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook raffled off some impressive numbers for the company’s iOS devices. For example, Apple has sold a total of 315 million iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches, with a staggering 62 million of those iOS-powered devices sold in Q4 2011 alone. According to new research, the number of tablet owners in the U.S. is expected to reach 112 million in just four short years. You can read all of this and more in today’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

New data indicates that in the month of January, Android and Apple made up 91 percent of all smartphone traffic in the U.S.—representing a new high for the two most dominant mobile phone platforms. As the fierce Apple iOS vs. Android competition continues, The Next Web takes a stance, highlighting the benefits of working within the Apple ecosystem. In other news, Apple’s popular iOS App Store has now topped 25 billion downloads, a sign that mobile device owners are still hungry for well-built applications. And a new report reveals that mobile Web traffic has increased as much as 35 percent since July 2011. Read on for more in today’s Fiksu Feed....Read more