• Industry estimates from eMarketer indicate that total mobile ad spend in the U.S. will end 2012 better than expected – at 180 percent total growth from 2011. 
  • A recent comScore report revealed that smartphone penetration has reached 55 percent amongst Europe’s five largest markets collectively, with device manufacturers competing in a close race.
  • New statistics showed increased optimism about the future of mobile in commerce and advertising, which have both demonstrated rapid growth. 
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Coffee lovers, rejoice! Smartphone users can now pay for their cups of joe at Dunkin’ Donuts via a new mobile app. A new study reveals that tablet sales will balloon in the next four years, while other industry research suggests that mobile ads are viewed most favorably on iPhones. And, in advance of the fast-approaching Sept. 12 iPhone 5 announcement, Apple fans are voicing their “wish lists” for the new device....Read more

Venture capital investments in mobile have boomed this year, reaching levels not seen since 2001. For thrill-seekers hoping to hit the jackpot and “win big,” new smartphone and tablet apps are providing Las Vegas-style gambling options – with real money – at the swipe of an index finger. And following a series of leaks and rumors, Google Play will now offer gift cards for its content-distribution store....Read more

The Future of Privacy Forum released an encouraging new study this week indicating that app developers are becoming more privacy savvy on both Google and Apple operating systems. And as the Apple App Store celebrates its birthday week, an industry expert compares the App Store’s first four years to the early commercial Web. In international mobile news, breaking reports show that China has pre-empted Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 launch....Read more

According to a new report from Nielsen, mobile consumers are downloading more apps than ever before. And though another research firm has deemed Samsung “king of mobile phones” – it also indicates that Apple is “no slouch” as it saw its own global market share more than double. Read on for more…...Read more

As apps become a main distribution method for media on mobile phones, a new report shows ad dollars shifting from mobile sites to popular mobile apps themselves. Other newly released industry data reveals that tablets will continue to grow in popularity over the next several years; yielding massive app downloads – approximately 13.7 billion by 2016. Read on for more details on the latest mobile industry research and more…...Read more

What’s the hardest thing about building a successful mobile app? If you think its building the app, you’re wrong. The real challenge for mobile app developers and marketers is getting their app found (a topic close to our hearts at Fiksu!). Today’s Fiksu Feed reports on two news items that impact how people search for and find apps, as well as all the buzz around next week’s iPad 3 launch. We’ll also look at a story about the dominance of smartphones in this post-PC era and review Google’s new efforts to improve the elegance of Android app design. Read on....Read more

This week, it’s all about Apple! The company is preparing for yet another major milestone, as the Apple App Store approaches 25 billion downloads. Headlines are buzzing with rumors that Apple is preparing for a redesign of the iTunes Store and the App Store later this year. And a “reliable source” has claimed that iPhone 5 will make its debut this fall. We’ll explore these reports, as well as other breaking industry news, in today’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

Smartphone ownership – and mobile app usage – in the United States continues to soar, but a new survey from Nielsen shows that smartphone adoption is happening among young adults much faster than other age groups. We’ll explore these findings, along with the latest Apple rumors, a look back at Android’s humble beginnings and new data on international mobile app usage, in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more