First quarter numbers reveal that Android now holds 61 percent of market share in the U.S., an increase of 12 percent from last quarter. And Nielsen’s latest insights into the mobile market show more than half of all U.S. mobile device users now own smartphones. In an effort to increase the number of quality apps for Android tablets, Samsung is launching the Smart App Challenge 2012 and has even set aside a $4,080,000 to entice developers to participate. Read on for more…...Read more

Apple will announce its second quarter earnings next Tuesday, and analysts are upping estimates of iPhone and iPad sales. As excitement for the “new” iPad 3 begins to subside Apple consumers have turned their attention toward the company’s next product launch: the iPhone 5. And Business Insider is reporting, it could be the “biggest smartphone release of all time.” We all love to download free apps, but Mashable is highlighting few pricey apps that are worth the cost…...Read more

New research reveals Android now commands 50.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. It seems owners of the new iPad are experiencing yet another problem with the new device—slow and intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity. And according to a new report, consumer app downloads to mobile devices are expected to reach more than 66 billion per year by 2016. Read on for more…...Read more

In Jan 2011, Android and iOS stood head to head in terms of smart phone devices in the US (approximately 25 percent each). But today, Android beats iOS by a wide margin, commanding 46 percent device share to Apple's 35 percent....Read more

New data indicates that in the month of January, Android and Apple made up 91 percent of all smartphone traffic in the U.S.—representing a new high for the two most dominant mobile phone platforms. As the fierce Apple iOS vs. Android competition continues, The Next Web takes a stance, highlighting the benefits of working within the Apple ecosystem. In other news, Apple’s popular iOS App Store has now topped 25 billion downloads, a sign that mobile device owners are still hungry for well-built applications. And a new report reveals that mobile Web traffic has increased as much as 35 percent since July 2011. Read on for more in today’s Fiksu Feed....Read more