Understanding your app's "personality" might not be the first thing you think of when devising your mobile marketing strategy. But it can reveal some important insights that will help you convert your marketing spend – and results – from shots in the dark to precise ROI....Read more

Recently, Yahoo! announced its App Search in an effort to address the app discoverability challenge. We understand why. Consumers have an insatiable appetite for downloading the hottest new apps that reside among the half a million crowding the app stores. As a mobile marketer, this spells huge promise and opportunity if you can overcome the needle in the haystack problem. Those 500,000 apps are competing with yours for users. How can you ensure that they will find and download yours?...Read more

Fiksu for Mobile Apps was born from the technologies, tools and expertise we developed to successfully promote our own mobile app, Fluent News™ Reader. Within 6 months, the help of 5 PHDs and a history of hyper-efficient marketing experience, we figured out how to get our app to #1 in Apple’s App Store for our category (News) generating tens of thousands of downloads per day....Read more