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Is the New iPad Worth the Wait? ...Regardless I Still Want One

As we anxiously wait for the new iPad’s in-store debut tomorrow, Mashable is reporting that Apple is offering consumers a credit for trading-in older generations of the iPad. And if you weren’t planning on waiting in line for the newest tablet, a review of the product by USA Today suggests that you should really reconsider. We will check out the product’s newest features so you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the wait. And while it’s hard to imagine Apple struggling with anything at all, Businessweek is reporting on the latest Apple issue: trying to swat down startups trying to manipulate the App Store, which has helped drive sales of more than 315 million iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. 

And, mobile industry leaders flocked to Xconomy’s Mobile Madness program yesterday. CIO highlights the most common theme that arose among the app developers who spoke at the program: Don’t take your users for granted. Read on for more in today’s Fiksu Feed. 

For those of us who already own an earlier version of the iPad, Apple is offering trade-ins to help you justify upgrading to the newest edition—without the guilt.  However, according to Mashable  , you may have a hard time finding a link on the company’s website for the upgrade or trade-in offer. Well, that’s because it’s not there. Instead, you’ll need to visit Apple’s “Reuse and Recycle” page. After answering a series of questions about the condition of your trade-in, Apple will issue you a gift card that can be applied to purchase the new iPad.

USA Today released a review of the new iPad, and though the differences between the second and third generation iPad appear to be relatively modest, USA Today claims Apple has distanced itself from the competition, again. The stunning screen, 4G speeds, decent dictation, improved camera optics, strong battery and abundance of new apps makes the new iPad a must-have. Also minus the dings your current one might have.

Believe it or not, Apple does face a fair share of controversy. According to Businessweek, the company has had to deal with a slew of startups offering to get any app onto the list of the App Store’s most popular apps. Apple has since fought back, announcing a new policy on February 6th banning developers who use these services to promote higher rankings. According to research firm App Annie, App Store downloads in the U.S. decreased by 24 percent from January to February compared to only 15 percent in the same period last year. A drop-off in downloads from rank manipulators could explain the performance difference.  Check back soon to see what our Fiksu App Store Competitive Index will reveal later this month!

And finally, Fiksu’s Craig Palli was among the mobile app experts who spoke at this week’s Xconomy Mobile Madness, and according to CIO¸ the most common theme that emerged from the program was this: Don’t take your users for granted. Nearly all panelists agreed that it is important to build a strong, loyal user base that not only downloads your application, but uses it weekly or even daily.

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