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MoMoBoston Panel Discussion Shares Mobile Marketing Insights

It's always exciting to get out and meet with the the individuals who are driving the mobile explosion -- even more so in a big mobile town like Boston -- so we were happy to speak at and sponsor Mobile Monday Boston's Marketing and Advertising panel discussion this past Monday. It was enlightening to hear from such a great panel, as well as to speak with representatives from so many innovative companies who packed the event.

Our own Jo Wightman (shown above) presented a case study that focused on a $100M+ public company that's making a big push to transition from online to mobile. As covered by MediaPost's Chuck Martin in Mobile Brains Reaching Mobile Brains, she described several lessons we learned from working with them -- including that for long-term success, setting aside 10% of a total budget to test new traffic sources is a valuable tactic.

And in a recap titled Insights From Mobile Monday Boston, Jumptap picked up on the very rough rule of thumb we use to estimate the relative value of organic downloads, advertising conversions, and incentivized downloads. (We should add the disclaimer here that it's more of a guideline than an exact formula, and can vary quite a bit for different apps.)

The rest of the panel was extremely educational, too. Victor Milligan from Nexage said that 2013 is going to be very different than 2012 when it comes to mobile advertising, and we couldn't agree more. Prat Vemana from Staples gave some good insight into their Black Friday tactics, then Sutha Kamai from Nanignas gave an energetic presentation that emphasized the importance of ROI as your primary marketing metric on mobile - not clicks, downloads, or installs. 

The crowd was lively, the Q&A was informative, and we enjoyed meeting so many of our Boston-area mobile colleagues. And that's not just the free wine talking.

We hope to see you at the next MoMo event.

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