In just the first 72 hours, Apple sold more than 10 million new iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices, which isn’t all that surprising based on what seemed like added anticipation. What remains somewhat surprising, however, is that the iPhone 6 seems to be crushing the iPhone 6 plus in sales.

As marketers, we're often looking for some attention-getting device to get people to notice our message. 

Sometimes you have a great story, but there's no one individual, dramatic point to make. Thus, there's a temptation to resort to headlines like "long lost secrets of app marketing" and that sort of thing.  We've all seen these kind of headlines, and we've all probably clicked on a few of them.

In Jan 2011, Android and iOS stood head to head in terms of smart phone devices in the US (approximately 25 percent each). But today, Android beats iOS by a wide margin, commanding 46 percent device share to Apple's 35 percent.

This week, Android hit a huge milestone, reaching 10 billion total app downloads and Google has indicated tha

A recent study by eMarketer revealed that 63 percent of mobile marketers are either not trying to measure return on investment on mobile campaigns or are not able to evaluate performance at all. This sobering study shows that while the mobile industry has made huge strides in recent years, gauging app marketing effectiveness continues to be a challenge. For many, click-based campaigns are the default metric, however, like the name suggests, they only measure clicks.