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Mobile Apps Outrun the Mobile Web

This week’s news shines a spotlight on how Android users prefer mobile apps over the mobile Web. We’ll also explore how operating systems impact user acquisition, and which iPad apps are grabbing – and holding – consumers’ attention. Additionally, we’ll check out the mobile marketing battle of the sexes. And of course, no Fiksu Feed would be complete without an iPhone 5 rumor update!

A recent report from Nielsen Smartphone Analytics found that mobile apps trump the mobile Web as the preferred method for checking news, weather, email and social networks for Android users. The Nielsen research also found that the average Android user spends 56 minutes per day browsing the mobile Web and interacting with apps. The majority of that time, two-thirds to be exact, is spent using mobile apps. It also revealed that the top 50 Android apps available today account for more than 60 percent of all time spent by consumers on mobile Android apps. This means fierce competition for the other 249,950+ apps fighting for their share of visibility. Read more from the report here.

Many mobile marketers we’ve partnered with have indicated that they struggle to clearly understand how various operating systems impact app user acquisition. This week, an interesting ClickZ article caught our attention on the subject. The first in a two-part series, the article explores several factoids about user acquisition on iOS – from discoverability and organic traffic to ad networks and carriers. The piece also outlines some interesting iOS demographic information from the Nielsen Company. In a future Feed, we’ll explore ClickZ’s take on how the Android operating system impacts user acquisition for apps – so stay tuned!

MediaPost covered a new report from analytics firm Localytics that found that iPad users spend the majority of their time engaging with news-related apps over gaming apps. In an overall average session on the iPad, users spend two-and-a-half times longer interacting with apps in the news category, while they spend much shorter periods of time playing games and checking out entertainment apps. Localytics suggests, “These levels of interaction do have an important message to app marketers: Know your audience, and pick the right type of app to generate the most engagement possible.”

GigaOM posted an interesting infographic from mobile advertising and marketing firm inneractive revealing that, when it comes to mobile advertising, there’s a significant difference between men and women. The data indicated that men are more likely to click on mobile ads with a 2.73 percent click-through-rate while women come in at 1.65 percent. In examining the gender OS split, it found that men are more likely to be Android users while women tend to prefer BlackBerry devices. The infographic also illustrated the top three app categories for both men and women, revealing helpful information for mobile app marketers looking to target a certain demographic.

Like so many, we have been closely following the latest iPhone 5 rumors. With a projected release date of October 7, the excitement for the much anticipated release continues to mount. Citing two unnamed sources, Reuters reported that at the same time iPhone 5 enters the market, the iPhone 4 is also slated to hit shelves at a lower price in an effort to win over customers in emerging markets. For more details, read this Mashable piece.

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