This week, Fiksu shared the success story of our partnership with Plain Vanilla Games on their incredibly popular trivia game, QuizUp – named “the fastest growing iPhone game in history.” 

Following a steady couple of months, April saw competition – and costs - heating up for mobile app marketers. The Fiksu Cost per Loyal User Index reached $1.50, an increase of 10 percent, or 14 cents over March’s $1.36, while the App Store Competitive Index rose 11 percent, to 5.61 million daily downloads from 5.02 million in March.

After analyzing the data, it was clear to us that three distinct forces contributed to these dynamics in April:

Rumors are swirling around Apple’s potentially significant changes to its search algorithm in the App Store. And a new report reveals how much of a killing Apple has made from the iPhone over the past five years. In other news, Google is ramping up for its big I/O conference in San Francisco this week, where the company is expected to make some major announcements.