It’s been a busy week for our Chief Strategy Officer Craig Palli: with all the recent news around the changing mobile advertising landscape, his expertise has been in high demand. Last Thursday, Craig spoke with Mike Shields of the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today about the importance of app install ads, on the heels of Facebook’s earnings announcement....Read more

  • Industry estimates from eMarketer indicate that total mobile ad spend in the U.S. will end 2012 better than expected – at 180 percent total growth from 2011. 
  • A recent comScore report revealed that smartphone penetration has reached 55 percent amongst Europe’s five largest markets collectively, with device manufacturers competing in a close race.
  • New statistics showed increased optimism about the future of mobile in commerce and advertising, which have both demonstrated rapid growth. 
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Coffee lovers, rejoice! Smartphone users can now pay for their cups of joe at Dunkin’ Donuts via a new mobile app. A new study reveals that tablet sales will balloon in the next four years, while other industry research suggests that mobile ads are viewed most favorably on iPhones. And, in advance of the fast-approaching Sept. 12 iPhone 5 announcement, Apple fans are voicing their “wish lists” for the new device....Read more

Following months of rumors, a date has reportedly been set for the launch of the iPhone 5. In other welcome news, two industry reports chart the significant growth of mobile ad spending and app revenues. Meanwhile, Android developers received word of important policy changes for the Google Play app store....Read more

It’s no surprise that mobile apps have played a role in U.S. job creation and economic growth over the past few years – consumers everywhere have an insatiable appetite for buying the newest smartphones and downloading the hottest new apps. Now, new industry research reveals just how large the mobile app industry has become here in America. We’ll explore this, along with some important new updates from the Mobile Marketing Association and the latest round of Apple rumors, in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

I recently stumbled upon this quote by designer Robin Mathew, "Design is where science and art break even" and it struck a chord. In the world of mobile app marketing, never has this been truer. As you battle to ensure your app stands apart from the hundreds of thousands of other apps competing for downloads and loyal usage, some slight tweaks to your design can improve your results significantly. To ensure that your mobile app banner ad is not just artistic guesswork but a high-performing asset, consider the following critical design elements – and a couple of pitfalls to avoid.


  1. Immediately inform viewers of the brand that is delivering the advertisement.
  2. State the app name to establish brand recognition while increasing app awareness.
  3. Clearly and boldly state – in no more than eight words – what the app does and why users should download it. Less is always more.
  4. Use a strong call to action. If the app is free, say so. Use a rectangular button with two to three words such as "Download", "Free", "App", and/or "Now"
  5. Ensure your call to action stands out by using a color that contrasts significantly from the background.
  6. Placement matters – your call to action should be located at the bottom, right, or bottom right.
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