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iPad Overtakes iPhone as Most Popular Device Among Advertisers

  • A new report shows mobile advertising prices rose dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2012, underscoring the role of mobile as a key marketing strategy during the recent holiday season.
  • After much industry speculation, Facebook debuted its beta Graph Search, a social search engine powered by Microsoft Bing.
  • Check out seven ways mobile apps are driving revenue for major brands this year.

A new report from MoPub reveals a surge in mobile ad prices for the past quarter, up 50 percent since last year. “Advertisers really looked to mobile during the holidays, which validates the channel and the overall marketing trend,” said Elain Szu, MoPub director of product marketing, to Samantha Murphy of Mashable. The largest spike in effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs) was tracked on iOS, with 66 percent higher prices than the beginning of Q4. Apple’s larger screens also proved more valuable, as iPad overtook iPhone as the most popular device among advertising sources. 

On Tuesday, Facebook shared its big announcement about its newest addition called Graph Search, according to The Verge. Intended to round out Facebook’s other pillars of information, such as News Feed and Timeline, the beta social search engine is integrated with Microsoft Bing as part of an ongoing competition with Google. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg highlighted four use cases in the search launch – people, photos, places and interests – demonstrating the search feature through items, such as “My college friends from San Francisco” and “Friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter.” According to Zuckerberg, “This is a new way for people to see information.” The Graph Search is far from complete, but mobile implementation is on the horizon, Tomio Geron of Forbes reports.

Today’s consumers rely on mobile devices loaded with apps that make everyday life more fun, memorable, and productive, and smartphones have opened a whole new world of opportunities for brand marketers. Mashable’s Ryan Matzner explores seven ways mobile apps are driving revenue for businesses. 

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