It’s official – more than 100 million Americans now play games on their mobile devices, according to a newly released report. In tablet news, a display expert has discovered that the new iPad has proven to be quite a fibber. And BusinessInsider has released a presentation from last month’s Mobile World Congress which reveals some interesting stats on the growth of Google’s Android platform. Read on for more…...Read more

What’s the hardest thing about building a successful mobile app? If you think its building the app, you’re wrong. The real challenge for mobile app developers and marketers is getting their app found (a topic close to our hearts at Fiksu!). Today’s Fiksu Feed reports on two news items that impact how people search for and find apps, as well as all the buzz around next week’s iPad 3 launch. We’ll also look at a story about the dominance of smartphones in this post-PC era and review Google’s new efforts to improve the elegance of Android app design. Read on....Read more