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Happy New Year - to the Fiksu Team

(I recently shared this 2012 recap and congratulations with my entire team at Fiksu, and thought it'd be worth sharing publicly as well. -- Micah)

As we approach the New Year, I'd like to take this opportunity to look back on the outstanding 2012 that we've had here at Fiksu. It's been a year of amazing growth, innovation, and successes. Each and every one of you contributed to our success, and you deserve recognition and thanks.

Here are a few of our accomplishments over the last year that we should be especially proud of:

  • We added 75 new employees over the year, more than doubling the size of the company since December 2011.
  • We opened offices in Northampton, London, Singapore, and San Francisco.
  • We raised $10M in funding and added Qualcomm as an investor.
  • We promoted 23 employees to new positions.
  • We added RTB capabilities to our Fiksu Mobile App Marketing Platform.
  • We built the most comprehensive mobile app marketing attribution technology in the industry.
  • We launched a new dashboard, which has been incredibly well received in the marketplace.
  • We continued to provide outstanding results for our clients, even as we increased our client base by a factor of 4.
  • We signed major accounts across multiple categories.
  • We drove very significant revenue growth.
  • We grew FreeMyApps from a small experiment to an app discovery juggernaut.
  • We launched FreeMyApps for Android.
  • We successfully positioned the Fiksu Indexes as industry-standard indicators.
  • We placed dozens of byline articles and quotes in major industry publications, becoming a go-to source for insight on the mobile industry.

And this really is just some of our many successes over the past year. I am incredibly impressed with the team we are building here at Fiksu. We can all be proud of the dedication, integrity, intelligence, and creativity of the people at Fiksu, and I am honored to work with such an outstanding team.

Looking forward to 2013, I am excited by how well we have positioned ourselves for continued success and growth. I have every expectation that the upcoming year will be an even more incredible year for Fiksu than 2012 was.

So, thank you to everyone at Fiksu for your hard work over the last year. We can all be proud of how much success that hard work has produced.

Happy New Year!

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