Last week, marketers across the country descended upon Boston for FutureM, which this year was combined with Hubspot’s Inbound for a massive marketing event.

Last week, Apple released its Best of 2013 rankings, showcasing the apps (and music, and movies) that saw the most success on iTunes and the App Store. We're proud of the success our clients have, and we knew they'd be well-represented on the Top Grossing apps list -- but the extent might surprise you. 

With over 152,000 active titles in the App Store, not only are games the largest category - they also appeal to a unique and valuable audience. Game consumers can be fiercely loyal to the favorites, as well as excited about new games, actively seeking out the next game to master.  To share their excitement and find the next hot game, many join communities where they can discover new games, read and write game reviews, get tips on beating the next level, or brag, trash-talk, and chat with other players.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Fiksu! Last week, in between stops at the Game Monetization Summit, Mobile Gaming Europe, and AppNation, we debuted FreeMyApps for Android. Today, we’re introducing a number of innovative enhancements to our flagship Fiksu Platform that make it the first and only platform to provide comprehensive tracking, centralized media buying access, advanced optimization, and detailed reporting for mobile app marketers.

We have some exciting news to share – after growing more than 1,000 percent since its 

New research suggests the increasingly large screen sizes and impressive graphics will make tablets a growing force in mobile games. While mobile game developers may be thankful for the specs on the new iPad tablet, new iPad 3 owners may not be so thrilled. Consumer reports reveal that owners are less than satisfied with the increased heat put out by the device, as well as the decreased battery life. And interestingly, though mobile games are designed to offer consumers entertainment on-the-go, a new survey reveals that almost half of all gaming sessions occur when users are at home.

Last week we celebrated the launch of our new mobile app advertising product – FreeMyApps. Having a paid app in today’s freemium world is a challenge to say the least. Most people don’t think twice about throwing an unplanned one-dollar can of peaches into their cart at the supermarket. But ask them to pay 99 cents for an app, and it’s a game changer that keeps users away and makes marketing these apps even more difficult.