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First look results: Facebook mobile ads showing promise for app marketers

Since we announced that Fiksu officially supports Facebook mobile app installs, we've been dying to put the new integration to the test and see how this new channel performs relative to other ad networks. We've gotten results from a few different client apps so far, and wanted to share some of them.

  • Click through rates are twice as high as what we see when testing on typical networks
  • Conversion rates are significantly higher than many other sources
  • Loyalty and user retention are higher than a typical network
  • CPI ranges are highly variable, but for the apps we've tested are within a reasonable range relative to costs seen on other networks

We should say clearly that these are preliminary results and can’t be guaranteed for every app. We're just beginning the in-depth optimization that really makes a Fiksu campaign work, so we expect to improve on the results we're seeing so far. Overall we're confident that for many apps, Facebook is going to become an important component of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Go get your likes

One audience segment that predictably works well is people who already 'like' you. By targeting a campaign at users who had already connected with their brand on Facebook, one of our clients was able to see a CPI that was less than half of their next-best-performing segment - and a third of their typical CPI on traditional ad networks.

While it's not surprising that users who've already made a connection to your brand are easier to win over, it's an important audience for you to go after. Big brands are learning that they can't just assume that a customer on their mailing list will like them on Facebook, or that a Facebook fan will download their app. There's an element of winning the customer over on each of these channels. So, it's good news that it's cheaper than other venues - because it's the first place you should start building your app user base. 

Want more tips?

We're holding a free webinar this Thursday titled App Marketing on Facebook: Using Social Media to Drive Mobile App Installs. We'll have more examples from our clients, best practices for app marketing on Facebook, and some suggested strategies. Sign up here


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