First quarter numbers reveal that Android now holds 61 percent of market share in the U.S., an increase of 12 percent from last quarter. And Nielsen’s latest insights into the mobile market show more than half of all U.S. mobile device users now own smartphones. In an effort to increase the number of quality apps for Android tablets, Samsung is launching the Smart App Challenge 2012 and has even set aside a $4,080,000 to entice developers to participate. Read on for more…...Read more

It’s no surprise that mobile apps have played a role in U.S. job creation and economic growth over the past few years – consumers everywhere have an insatiable appetite for buying the newest smartphones and downloading the hottest new apps. Now, new industry research reveals just how large the mobile app industry has become here in America. We’ll explore this, along with some important new updates from the Mobile Marketing Association and the latest round of Apple rumors, in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

"The mobile app ecosystem is growing so quickly – exponentially, even – that sometimes it’s hard to see the larger trends occurring in the space,” wrote Sarah Perez of TechCrunch this week. In today’s Fiksu Feed, we’ll explore several app store developments, analyzed over a period of time to help unlock larger industry trends....Read more

Shelly Freierman of The New York Times recently wrote that “the pace of new app development dwarfs the release of other kinds of media.” With one million mobile apps available to consumers today – and counting at an extremely fast pace – it is certainly an exciting time for mobile app developers and marketers....Read more

It was a huge week for Android. In this week's Fiksu Feed, we'll explore Google's latest milestone, as well as the creative way consumers are helping to celebrate....Read more

Smartphone ownership – and mobile app usage – in the United States continues to soar, but a new survey from Nielsen shows that smartphone adoption is happening among young adults much faster than other age groups. We’ll explore these findings, along with the latest Apple rumors, a look back at Android’s humble beginnings and new data on international mobile app usage, in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

Android continued to grab headlines this week with new industry data highlighting the platform’s growing popularity and market dominance. We’ll check this out, along with some other interesting new mobile studies, in today’s Fiksu Feed.

After hitting stores last Friday, it took just three days for consumers to snatch up 4 million iPhone 4S devices – an all-time mobile industry record. At the beginning of the week, Apple announced that 25 million people were already using its new operating system, iOS 5, and that more than 20 million had signed up for its iCloud service. We’ll check out Apple’s audacious predictions for the upcoming holiday season, seven Android must-reads and also find out what all the Siri and Ice Cream Sandwich fuss is about in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

This week in mobile news, Apple’s new iPhone 4S delighted early adopters, while its iOS 5 received a mixed bag of reviews following the much-anticipated Wednesday launch. Meanwhile, Blackberry users across five continents fumed as a massive outage cut off access to email and Web services for several days. We’ll explore these stories, as well as interesting new industry data predicting Android’s ascendancy, in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more

It’s on: the countdown to the iPhone 5. We’ll cover this, an important industry milestone for the Android platform, plus a number of interesting new mobile app studies in this week’s Fiksu Feed....Read more