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Facebook Makes It Easier to Use the Mobile App Install Unit

Facebook recently announced that it is streamlining its mobile app install ad unit, allowing advertisers to more quickly and conveniently create mobile app ads with just a few clicks.  Advertisers can now create a mobile app install ad by simply writing their copy and providing their app's URL to the App Store or Google Play.  This new process makes it easier for developers to get their ad up and running by eliminating the step of first having to register their app with Facebook.  

Overall, we see this as a great development for advertisers, particularly those smaller advertisers for whom a self-service ad is now more simple and convenient.  In this respect, Facebook seems to have taken a page from the Google Adwords playbook of making it easier for small companies and developers who may be interested in dipping a toe in the water with the ad unit before allocating a larger spend. 

At Fiksu, we're big fans of the Facebook mobile app install ad. Having used the ad unit on behalf of our clients for the past several months, we have seen great results.  In fact, our use of the ad unit has grown in just a few short months to a 7-figure monthly spend, all based on the strong performance we have seen.  In our opinion, the Facebook mobile app install ad unit provides a great, granular way for advertisers to effectively reach the highly qualified Facebook audience of over 750 million mobile users.

To date, the best results we have seen from the Facebook mobile app install ad unit have been derived from consistently optimizing and regularly refreshing creative to avoid wear-out.  The implication may be that advertisers who create their initial campaigns themselves may find that over time more aggressive monitoring and optimization can significantly improve their results.  

Kudos to Facebook for making it easier for developers.  The simplified mobile app install ad process seems to be a smart, forward-looking way by Facebook to broaden its appeal to developers of all sizes. For those developers who have not yet tried the unit, now is the time to give it a shot.

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