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Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads Drove Spike in App Downloads in May

Mobile marketers have quickly realized the reach of Facebook’s mobile app install ad units and their ability to cost-efficiently drive volumes of users — and the latest Fiksu Indexes certainly reflect this trend.

Our May App Store Competitive Index numbers came in as the second highest month in 2013 to-date at 5.9 million downloads, trailing January with the highest volume at 6.1 million (the result of the holiday effect). In fact, compared to May 2012, we can see that downloads have increased 31 percent year-over-year – a result of the Facebook effect as well as the continued movement of big brands into the mobile app space. 

As for our Cost per Loyal User Index, the May Index decreased by 11 percent, or 17 cents, to $1.33, from April’s $1.50.

As predicted last month, the increase in traffic in May can also be attributed in-part to the end of UDID tracking capabilities by the Apple App store on May 1 as well as Apple's new IDFA. This change caused many marketers to wait for the dust to settle on the new, standardized solution to resume regular marketing activities. Now that the IDFA is the clear standard for iOS marketing attribution, app marketers have returned and are spending again.

Special thanks to those who covered this month’s Index including BGR, FierceMobileContent, GoMo News, and VentureBeat!

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