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Facebook’s Facelift: What It Means for Mobile Advertisers

During yesterday’s highly anticipated news conference, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s plans to give its news feed a facelift – transforming it into a “personalized newspaper,” in which users can browse streams of current photos, events, music-related content and posts from brands and public figures – in the same  way they would read the sports or life section of a paper. You can check out this Wall Street Journal story by Evelyn Rusli for more details and a video of Zuckerberg’s unveil. 

“There really is a place in the world for a personalized newspaper," he said during the press conference. “How we're all sharing is changing.”

We couldn’t agree more. Facebook's news feed enhancements are profoundly interesting on many levels and signal the social network's mobile maturation on several fronts. First, the additions of photo and music feeds are the most natural extension of the news feeds. As Fiksu’s Micah Adler points out in this USA Today article  by Jon Swartz, the improved feeds reflect elements of some of the most popular apps already in the App Store, including Path and Spotify, which allow people to share photos and music-based experiences with friends. In this regard, Facebook is unifying the best of mobile and social in a singular experience.

AdAge’s Cotton Delo shares some of her perspectives on five immediate take-aways for advertisers in her piece Facebook News Feed Redesign Gives Marketers What They've Pined For: Bigger Ads. And yesterday’s announcement certainly spells many exciting changes for mobile-oriented brand advertisers as well. Over the past several weeks, Facebook has been making significant enhancements to its suite of mobile advertising products including Mobile App Install Ads and Power Editor. Those advancements have significantly improved mobile ad measurement and targeting through Facebook. But nothing matters more than context and, over the past few years, we've seen the increasing importance of native advertising to agencies and brands. Immersing consumers without interruption allows marketers to build a connection and customer loyalty. While "likes" are a simple measurement of positive sentiment, additional interactions through contextual targeting will inevitably increase buyer interest.

Facebook’s enhanced feeds create rich contextual advertising opportunities and serve as a perfect complement to Facebook's unprecedented targeting and measurement capabilities. As a prominent buyer of mobile media, Fiksu is incredibly optimistic about the opportunities afforded by changes to Facebook feeds and we plan to invest significantly in related ad units on behalf of our brand clients, providing them with an extremely efficient and targeted use of their media budgets.


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