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Consumers Downloading More Apps Than Ever Before, Reports Nielsen

According to a new report from Nielsen, mobile consumers are downloading more apps than ever before. And though another research firm has deemed Samsung “king of mobile phones” – it also indicates that Apple is “no slouch” as it saw its own global market share more than double. Read on for more…

More than half of the U.S. population now uses smartphones, reports TechCrunch. New numbers from Nielsen indicate that the average number of installed mobile apps has jumped from 32 to 41 – a 28 percent increase since last year. Interestingly, despite the surge in app downloads, the amount of time consumers are spend using those apps has remained almost the same - 39 minutes per day, compared to 37 minutes in 2011. This underscores the ongoing challenges app developers face when it comes to increasing app engagement.

CNET is highlighting the latest numbers from Gartner which show a 25.9 percent increase in mobile phone sales for Samsung, giving the Korean handset maker the jump it needed to win back the top spot for smartphone sales from Apple with 20.7 percent market share. Nokia took second-place, followed by Apple and then RIM. But numbers show Apple’s expansion into other countries and carriers provided a “healthy kick,” with China now the second largest market for Apple, just behind the U.S. Overall global sales of mobile phones were recorded at 419 million – a two percent drop from one year ago. 

And BusinessWeek is reporting on Apple’s plans to overhaul the look of the new iPhone, “refreshing the company’s top-selling product amid competition from rivals such as Samsung.” Three unidentified people with knowledge of the company’s plans have revealed that Apple has placed orders for larger screens from suppliers in Asia. Industry analysts predict the new model will be released in October – but Apple, as always, has declined to comment on these swirling rumors. 

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