This week, Android hit a huge milestone, reaching 10 billion total app downloads and Google has indicated tha

For the last few months, we've closely followed consumer anticipation for the iPhone 4S – tracking its direct impact on both mobile app downloads and app marketing costs.

With the arrival of the new iPhone, October was the pivotal month, putting an end to months of industry speculation and mounting expectation, and validating many of our own predictions based on insights gleaned from our Fiksu for Mobile Apps platform.

Smartphone ownership – and mobile app usage – in the United States continues to soar, but a new survey from Nielsen shows that smartphone adoption is happening among young adults much faster than other age groups. We’ll explore these findings, along with the latest Apple rumors, a look back at Android’s humble beginnings and new data on international mobile app usage, in this week’s Fiksu Feed.

iPhone anticipation strikes again!

Last month, our insights showed that a hiatus in iPhone sales (ahead of the much-rumored launch of the new iPhone) were directly tied to the drop in app downloads from Apple’s App Store.

Last month, Apple announced that its App Store alone now contains more than 425,000 apps. For app marketers, your challenge is finding a way to make your app stand out in such a massive crowd.

Fiksu for Mobile Apps was born from the technologies, tools and expertise we developed to successfully promote our own mobile app, Fluent News™ Reader. Within 6 months, the help of 5 PHDs and a history of hyper-efficient marketing experience, we figured out how to get our app to #1 in Apple’s App Store for our category (News) generating tens of thousands of downloads per day.