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What’s the hardest thing about building a successful mobile app? If you think its building the app, you’re wrong. The real challenge for mobile app developers and marketers is getting their app found (a topic close to our hearts at Fiksu!). Today’s Fiksu Feed reports on two news items that impact how people search for and find apps, as well as all the buzz around next week’s iPad 3 launch. We’ll also look at a story about the dominance of smartphones in this post-PC era and review Google’s new efforts to improve the elegance of Android app design. Read on.

With over 600,000 iOS applications and some 450,000 on Android, app developers and marketers struggle to be listed higher than competitors in app store search results. TechCrunch recently featured the newly launched App Store Optimization Keyword Volume estimator (what a mouthful) which informs app publishers how frequently a query is being searched for in the app store and helps them determine the most important keywords to use.

Last week, we learned that Apple bought Chomp. According to Bloomberg, Apple paid about $50 million for the software platform that helps people find apps by searching based on what apps do, not just what they’re called.

As we anxiously await a March 7th iPad 3 debut, Inc. is reporting on what to expect from the new device, which will allegedly tote a super high-resolution screen and a longer shelf-life. While there were few notable differences between the iPad 1 and the iPad 2, the iPad 3 may finally have the “trifecta [Apple] needs to lure small businesses,” according to analyst Rob Enderle. Other features will likely include a much faster processor and a new high-res camera. 

According to Business Insiderthe post-PC era has arrived with smartphone sales projected to reach 1.6 billion by 2016. As prices fall there will be greater penetration in existing markets and rapid adoption in emerging markets, driving soaring smartphone sales.

Hoping to improve design quality, Inside Mobile Apps is reporting that Google will share templates with developers to facilitate the creation of more elegant Android apps. The effort is part of a big push from Google to have a more consistent feel for the Android platform.

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