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Most US Apple app developers understand that for every $0.99 purchase on iTunes, they make $0.70, a 70% cut. However, for international sales, that percentage varies due to a few factors

  1. Apple has a tiered pricing & commision structure for all purchases, and this structure is different for each country’s currency. For instance:

  2. Apple converts other currencies into the developer’s currency using the exchange rate at time of payout
  3. Apple’s pricing matrix is not updated in real-time
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  • Mobile app downloads are set to reach 45 billion by the end of 2012, with much more ahead for 2013.
  • With just 8 days left before Christmas, competition is heating up and app developers are wishing for the gift of app downloads.
  • Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices are still the crowd favorite for app developers, but they’re looking to build across both iOS and Android devices.
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Following months of rumors, a date has reportedly been set for the launch of the iPhone 5. In other welcome news, two industry reports chart the significant growth of mobile ad spending and app revenues. Meanwhile, Android developers received word of important policy changes for the Google Play app store....Read more

Last week’s iPad launch was the company’s strongest ever. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple sold three million of its new tablets over the weekend, creating considerable momentum as the company attempts to grab market share in the fast-growing mobile market.  As consumers run to snatch up the latest, hottest device, app developers are busy creating apps that take full advantage of its enhanced specs, primarily the new super-high resolution retina display. However, the popularity of the new iOS device could be hurting its Android competitor, some report....Read more