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In-App Ad Spend to Reach $7 Billion by 2017

As mobile app usage continues to grow exponentially, marketers are pouring more money into in-app advertising. In fact, a new study projects in-app spending to reach $7 billion by 2015. And in the battle for smartphone dominance, Google’s Android continues to lead the way with a 50.9 percent of the market share for operating systems. Finally, a recently granted patent has rumors swirling that Apple is exploring the possibility of creating an “enhanced viewing experience” for the user.

Mobile Marketer is featuring a new study by Juniper Research, “Mobile Advertising: Messaging, In-App and Mobile Internet Strategies 2012-2017.” According to the research, in-app adspend is expected to reach $7 billion by 2015 and $10.4 billion by 2017. Despite the effort by some brands to embrace mobile, most have yet to develop mobile-optimized websites, and according to one Juniper analyst, “these brands are wasting a golden opportunity to access customers.”

According to the latest ComScore report, Android’s hold on the market continues to grow. CNET is reporting on the latest numbers, which indicate Android makes up 50.9 percent of the U.S. market, beating Apple’s 31.9 percent share, up 0.1 percent from earlier this year.  

And Apple rumors continue to swirl. The latest rumor suggests the technology giant is exploring the possibility of creating an “enhanced viewing experience” for the user. Mashable is reporting on the latest patent granted to the company for “peripheral treatment of head-mounted displays.” In the patent filing, Apple defines the head-mounted display as “a display device that a person wears on the head in order to have video information displayed in front of the eyes.” We’ll continue to follow these developing storylines as the industry excitedly waits for what Apple has in store next. 

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