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Android Now Commands Majority of U.S. Smartphone Market

New research reveals Android now commands 50.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. It seems owners of the new iPad are experiencing yet another problem with the new device—slow and intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity. And according to a new report, consumer app downloads to mobile devices are expected to reach more than 66 billion per year by 2016. Read on for more…

Google’s operating system is now on the majority of U.S. smartphones. TGDaily is reporting on data which shows that Android now holds the majority of the U.S. smartphone market. The iPhone came in with 30.2 percent of the market, followed by Blackberry (13.4 percent) and Windows Mobile (3.9 percent). The data also reveals that 48 percent of new smartphone purchases in the last three months chose Android. 

Mashable is reporting on a problem with the new iPad’s Wi-Fi connectivity. According to an internal AppleCare document, users are experiencing intermittent connectivity and slow Wi-Fi speeds. While there is no official word from Apple about the issue, the document claims Apple is trying to replace the iPads that are having Wi-Fi issues.

Fierce Mobile Content is highlighting a new report from Juniper Research which anticipates mobile app downloads will pass 66 billion annually by 2016, up from 31 billion last year. The five-year forecast also found that 87 percent of apps will be downloaded free of charge, and growth will be driven primarily by smartphones. According to author Dr Windsor Holden, "Consumers are now demanding 24/7 access to services – retail, financial, information, entertainment – wherever they are. As a result, brands that wish to remain competitive have turned to apps as part of an integrated multichannel distribution system: they have become a critical mechanism to increase engagement and reduce churn."

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