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Analyzing 12 Months of Mobile App Discovery

Writes Thomas Hazlett for the Wall Street Journal: "On June 29, 2007, thousands of fan-boys and-girls camped in long lines to inhale a wisp of sweet techno fairy dust. The new iPhone rocked the world. Revolutionary in design, function and ecosystem, it set off the mobile data tsunami. In three days, Apple sold a million of them."

Since that day, the world has never been the same. As we celebrate the iPhone's five year anniversary today, we're reminded of just how much the device has rocked the world and shaped so many aspects of modern culture. In fact, The Atlantic recently pegged the iPhone as the "defining consumer item of its age."

Apple's iPhone undoubtedly sparked the mobile app revolution and burgeoning ecosystem, which has inspired entrepreneurs and developers around the globe, added an estimated 500,000 jobs in the U.S. alone and delighted consumers with more than 650,000 apps in the Apple App Store. But all of those mobile apps are vying for the spotlight – making mobile marketers' jobs increasingly difficult as each month goes by.

Mobile app success – and monetization - requires more than smart and broad mobile media buying. It takes app store smarts, and no one understands and analyzes the dynamics of the app stores quite like Fiksu. For more than one year, our Fiksu Indexes have tracked monthly fluctuations in competition for rank in the Apple App Store, and the cost to acquire loyal users (defined as someone who opens an app three or more times), to help mobile app marketers benchmark their performance against industry averages. In fact, we just released data for the month of May – check out the news release.

To illustrate the ebbs and flows in app store dynamics and mobile app marketing costs over the course of 12 months, we've created the following infographic. It highlights many of the major industry trends that have rocked the world of mobile app marketing along the way, including Apple's ban on incentive-based installs, the iPhone 4S launch, the flurry of activity around the 2011 holiday season and the move away from robotic install tactics.

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