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The 5 Biggest Changes in iOS 6 for App Marketers

It’s been a few weeks since Apple launched the iPhone 5, debuted its App Store changes, and rolled out iOS 6. More than 5 million iPhone 5s were sold within days of the launch and more than 100 million device owners upgraded to iOS 6. For app marketers and developers, there’s a good number of updates in the App Store and iOS 6, and many of these changes spell opportunity for improved loyal user acquisition. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. New opportunities to connect with users: How can you take advance of the App Store’s Facebook integration and Apple's new Passbook app's “location-aware offers”?
  2. The emphasis is off the top 25 and onto search: Thanks to the App Store’s new infinite horizontal scrolling lists, optimizing discoverability through search becomes more important.
  3. It's time to plan your transition away from UDID: As expected, Apple announced a replacement for UDIDs: the new Advertising Identifier. How should you transition without prematurely dropping the ball on large segments of your audience?
  4. Shorter titles, bigger screenshots: The App Store now shows less of your title and description text and places more importance on screenshots. How can you take advantage of this through icons, slimmer, catchy titles, keywords and more?
  5. Don’t wait to ride the iPhone 5 advertising wave: New Apple devices lead to increased app downloads and long-term, loyal app users. How can you catch them now while there is increased volume and decreased costs – before the inevitable holiday push and increased spending kicks in?

Now is a great time to re-evaluate your user acquisition strategy to capitalize on these changes and opportunities. To learn more about the practical steps you can start taking today, we’ve published “5 Biggest Changes in iOS6 for App Marketers,” which you can download for free here.

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