August 8, 2014

"Fiksu's roots have always been in data and now, in our fourth year, the sheer mass of data we have accumulated delivers massive scale and unmatched targeting to businesses and agencies seeking to optimize their mobile advertising results," said CEO Micah Adler.

As it enters a mature phase, the focus of user acquisition companies is switching from explosive growth to potential M&A activity.

So with Tapjoy buying 5Rocks and Yahoo snapping up Flurry, Fiksu seems keen to demonstrate its value in the ecosystem.

It's just announced annual sales on a trailing 12 month basis have just surpassed $100 million.

July 31, 2014

This summer, however, the number of downloads was even lower than usual: 6.1 million in June, versus 6.6 million in May. June also marked the first time the CPLUI was higher than $2, a 25 increase from May and a 49 percent increase from last year. Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at Fiksu, attributed that to the popularity of the World Cup and Apple's temporary ban on apps with incentivized video advertising.

The cost of app marketing is at an all-time high, according to app marketing technology company Fiksu.

Boston-based Fiksu has been analyzing trends in app marketing for the last four years and in June of this year, the Cost Per Loyal User Index (CPLUI) - which measures how much money brands spend to acquire regular users of their iOS apps - peaked at $2.23. According to Fiksu, a regular user is someone who uses the app at least three times.

July 28, 2014

"If you look at the industry in which we play, there's no lack of data pointing to the phenomenal growth of mobile app industry itself," Pattison said in an interview. "Mobile has really exploded."

Boston-based mobile app marketing software firm Fiksu is cashing in on the worldwide surge in mobile technology, and is seeing annual revenues of more than $100 million, said the company's vice president of marketing, Kathy Pattison.

Fiksu's success, Pattison said, has been largely attributed to the increase in mobile technologies that are being used in many ways by enterprises worldwide.

July 25, 2014

"Facebook has become a tech powerhouse," says Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at app-marketing tech company Fiksu, pointing to Facebook's flourishing businesses in mobile, video and instant messaging.

Last week, Microsoft said it would cleave 18,000 jobs, further distancing itself from the heyday of Bill Gates in the 1980s, '90s and 2000s. Satya Nadella, new CEO of the software giant, has a turnaround plan in motion.

This week, Facebook said it passed 1.32 billion monthly active users during its ninth straight quarter of boffo financial results, the latest exclamation point in the American success story of Mark Zuckerberg. The 2010s are shaping up as the decade of the social-networking giant, as it immerses itself in mobile and video technology.

July 24, 2014

“Over the past 12 months, Facebook has enjoyed a leadership position with respect to performance in the app marketing space,” Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at Fiksu.

While Facebook’s mobile advertising business keeps growing – mobile represented a whopping 62 percent of ad revenue during the second quarter - the social network could become a victim of its own success, particularly on the application marketing front, as a growing number of competitors come out with their own, often compelling offerings.

The 62 percent of ad revenue delivered by mobile in the second quarter is up from 41 percent during the same period a year ago and from 59 percent in the first quarter of 2014. Facebook’s new mobile ad network and app install ads drive much of the mobile ad revenue but the company continues to look at ways to broaden its mobile ad business.

July 24, 2014

User acquisition costs for titles in Apple’s App Store reached a record high in June, as a change of approach from Apple around video advertising and the World Cup had an impact, according to app marketing company Fiksu.

For the first time in the four years that Fiksu has been analysing mobile app marketing, the cost per loyal user index passed the $2 mark to hit $2.23. This represented a 49 per cent year-on-year increase and a 25 per cent jump from the previous month.

Despite the high user acquisition costs, cost per install actually fell 23 per cent compared to the prior quarter to $0.98. For games, it fell to $0.85 compared with $1.11 in May.

July 23, 2014

According to mobile marketing firm Fiksu, which tracks the use of iOS on active Apple devices, the iPad 2 was still the most popular iPad in use as of April 2014, even though it had already been out for three years. For comparison, the iPhone 5, released in September 2012, is the most-used Apple smartphone.

Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, is humming along nicely, according to the company’s latest quarterly earnings report, but its newest disruptive device has seen better days.

The iPad, which turned four years old in April, is suffering slowing sales on both a sequential and year-over-year basis. The product line sold 13.3 million units between April and June, down 9 percent from the same period last year. That’s bad news for a relatively new device that was supposed to be “better than a laptop” and eventually devour the PC market.

July 23, 2014

“The June Fiksu Indexes reflected what we would consider a perfect storm of summer activity including the distraction of the World Cup, and untimely changes to video-based installs,” said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu.

App marketing costs have reached an all-time high, according to user acquisition and marketing company Fiksu. Results from its newest indexes show the cost per loyal user hitting more than $2 in June 2014, at $2.23. That’s an increase of 25 percent since May, and a 49 percent increase year-over-year. Fiksu defines a loyal user as one who opens an app at least three times.

While the Cost Per Loyal User index broke records, the company’s Cost Per Install figures dropped to $0.98 for iOS apps, a 23 percent decrease from May. Meanwhiile, June’s App Store Competitive Index, which tracks the average daily downloads for the top 200 free iPhone apps in the US, dropped from 6.6 million downloads in May to 6.1 million in June.

July 22, 2014

"To date, Yahoo has failed to make a successful mobile transition to the extent that companies like Facebook have," says Craig Palli, chief strategy officer of Fiksu, a mobile app marketing tech company.

In an effort to expand its mobile ad business and attempt to compete with Facebook and Google in the mobile space, Yahoo has agreed to purchase mobile analytics and advertising platform start-up Flurry.

Founded in 2005, Flurry aims to deliver "the optimal mobile experience through better apps and more personal ads." The company gathers audience data from more than 540,000 mobile apps and uses the data to create audience segments to help advertisers target with in-app ads.

July 11, 2014

The cost of acquiring a loyal user among brands actively seeking out these consumers rose to $1.78 in May, according to Fiksu's Cost Per Loyal User Index. Fiksu defines a loyal user as someone who has opened and used an app more than three times.

With app store competition on the rise, generating app installs and acquiring loyal users is getting more expensive, according to new data from app analytics company Fiksu, compiled in the chart below from BI Intelligence.

In May, the cost of generating an app install on iOS and Android grew 56% and 30%, respectively, from one year earlier, according to Fiksu's Cost Per Install (CPI) Index, which measures the total advertising cost app developers incur per app install.

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