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September 4, 2015

"Mobile should be at the center of how all brands engage with their consumers," said Micah Adler, president, CEO and founder of Fiksu.

The Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform gives brands the ability to use both Fiksu Personas and third party data as a targeting strategy; it also uses data that is independent of any one channel so that brands get a sense of customer behavior.

August 6, 2015

“June’s results reflect the ongoing evolution of the mobile marketplace, as marketers continue their struggle to gain screen time with users. Increased competition for limited attention is causing a rise in overall costs,” said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu.

New data from Fiksu has shown that marketers are continuing to spend more to connect with mobile app users and mobile app downloads are increasing.

In June of this year, the cost per loyal user (CPLU) rose 30 percent to $3.21 compared to May of this year. The figure makes up a 44 percent increase year-on-year.

August 5, 2015

“Increased competition for limited attention is causing a rise in overall costs. It is incredibly important for today’s advertisers to recognise and precisely target their audiences, and market to a more focused pool of engaged users," said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu.

Marketers are spending more to connect with users on mobile devices, even as app usage increases, with the cost per loyal user (CPLU) up 44 per cent year-on-year in June to $3.21 (£2.06).

The figures come from the Fiksu Indexes, which show CPLU is up 30 per cent month-on-month, even as app downloads increase 24 per cent in the same period, with the top 200 free iOS apps seeing 8.3m total downloads.

August 4, 2015

Meanwhile, Fiksu's latest index shows the Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) for June increased about 30% over May's numbers to reach $3.21. The Cost Per Install (CPI), however, has fallen about 21% (May vs. June) to $1.15 on iOS and about 9% on Android to land at $2.12.

In today's mobile roundup, a trio of releases pointing to the continued growth of the mobile space, but that growth isn't all great - fraud is also growing quickly in the space.

August 4, 2015

“The ever-increasing volumes of apps are providing greater inventory for in-app advertising, however the challenge of precisely targeting loyal users remains, and brands are consequently spending more dollars to find loyal users,” Fiksu tells us.

While mobile app usage is growing, it should come as no surprise to marketers that so are the costs. According to the Fiksu Indexes published this week, “June’s cost per loyal user (CPLU) of $3.21 represents an increase of 30 percent since last month, and 44 percent year-over-year.

App downloads, deduced from the Fiksu App Store Competitive Index, increased a healthy 24 percent over May 2015. The index tracks the average aggregate daily downloads of the top 200 free iOS apps, reaching 8.3 million total downloads.

August 4, 2015

By Craig Palli, CSO, Fiksu

Citing concerns over viewability, Kellogg in June cut its spend on video ads running on major publishers such as Facebook and YouTube. It marked yet another instance of brands rejecting traditional online advertising methods over not knowing who – if anyone – is seeing their ads.

This move comes despite Google announcing a 91 percent viewability rate on YouTube video ads, a marked improvement in the 46 percent viewability rate on commercials run elsewhere. This claim does come with its share of detractors, though, as Google does not allow brands to use third-party viewability services to track and verify campaigns.

August 4, 2015

Research published this week by mobile marketing firm Fiksu, demonstrates that marketers are having to pay increasingly large amounts of money to have smartphone users download their wares to their device, and continue to remain engaged with them, with Facebook apparently the industry's main benefactor of this trend given its direct response (DR) ad units' success.

With Facebook reporting that mobile app advertising helped drive a record quarter for the social network last week, separate research reveals marketers willing to fork out an average of $3.21 to engage with “loyal” smartphone users, a cost that shot up 44 per cent in the last year.

August 3, 2015

In a data collected by mobile marketing firm Fiksu in the last quarter of 2014, it was revealed that the cost of acquiring mobile apps users increased 34 percent from 2013.

The average cost to develop and promote a mobile appin 2012 was a little over a few thousands to as much AU$200,000. Every year, due to mobile applications’ popularity and to the smartphone users’ continuously growing number across the globe, the figure keeps on changing and growing.

August 3, 2015

While app use is soaring, people aren’t spreading their usage across apps, Fiksu states, with Nielsen finding that the average number of titles used per person has stalled in the last two years.

According to mobile marketing company Fiksu, June’s cost per loyal user (CPLU) of $3.21 represents a 30% lift on April, and 44% year on year. June’s spend goes hand-in-hand with a 24% surge in app downloads over the month compared with May.

July 31, 2015

"There’s a paradigm in mobile that is similar to desktop, but you just have to tweak the metrics slightly to be more mobile-friendly. When you do that, things line up quite nicely," said Fiksu's CSO, Craig Palli

Marketers continue to grapple with questions and concerns about mobile measurement. Yet some of those concerns stem from misconceptions about mobile measurement capabilities and data availability. Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at mobile marketing technology provider Fiksu, spoke with eMarketer’s Cathy Boyle about where marketers are getting things wrong with mobile and why several common misconceptions about mobile advertising persist.

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