June 18, 2014

While Amazon’s store is only about a fifth of the size of its counterparts, “there’s a pretty good base for them to work with,” said Craig Palli, chief strategy officer for mobile app marketing platform Fiksu.

Amazon preluded its “big reveal” Wednesday (Fire phone) with a word to app developers: “We’re where you want to be.”

The company also struck a deal Wednesday with BlackBerry to offer the Amazon Appstore as a lifeline to BlackBerry’s fledgling of an apps ecosystem.

Amazon’s Appstore sits somewhere in the 240,000 app range, coming close to tripling its app and game count from a year ago. The e-commerce giant cited traction in the developer community, noting “improved reach, greater monetization, and oftentimes, higher revenue" for its app makers, said Mike George, VP of Amazon Appstore and games. The company revealed no dollar amounts.

June 17, 2014

"As the largest digital retailer in the world, they have access to an incredible volume of consumers, and with 240K apps in their app store already, there's a pretty good base for them to work from. While that's only a fifth of the size of Apple and Google's app stores, sheer volume of apps isn't the most important indicator of success," said Craig Palli, CSO at Fiksu.

With rumors rampant that Amazon will launch a smartphone on Wednesday, the ecommerce giant is touting that its AppStore offerings have tripled per annum, but Amazon faces an uphill battle attracting developers and displacing competitive devices.

June 5, 2014

“For any app, Facebook should be part of your app marketing mix - it gives you great control and the ability to reach very specific audiences,” said Jim Thomas, product marketing manager, Fiksu, Boston.

Golfshot, a GPS-based course management, scoring and golf instruction application, leveraged Facebook to support a new freemium business model, resulting in more than one million downloads.

App developer Shotzoom had seen success with several golf-focused paid apps, but the introduction of its free-to-download Golfshot app for iOS and Android presented a new challenge, and it needed to develop a profitable mobile marketing strategy for thenew business model.

June 5, 2014

The cost of acquiring loyal users — those who open an app three times or more — increased by 5 percent, or seven cents, to $1.52, according to local mobile app marketing startup Fiksu.

Mobile app developers can now purchase "Power Users," and at a price Boston-based SessionM would argue is too powerful to pass up.

The mobile loyalty and monetization company announced Thursday the launch of a new self-service audience acquisition platform, called SessionM OnDemand. The goal is simple: Help mobile developers acquire high quality installs at, essentially, half price.

June 5, 2014

“SessionM has been a great user acquisition channel for our clients, consistently delivering some of the highest lifetime value users amongst our channel partners,” Steve Bagdasarian, a VP at Fiksu, said in a statement. “We are excited to use their new self-service platform to automate the setup process, increase our buying efficiency, as well as leverage their data and insights to further improve our campaigns’ performance.”

Now you can buy users like you buy potatoes — and on sale, to boot.

The mobile user-acquisition wars just took a new turn: SessionM is launching a new self-serve market for buying users today. In addition, the company is announcing a new loyalty program that will enable SessionM developers to acquire users at, essentially, half price.

May 30, 2014

Speaking on the April trends, Fiksu CEO Micah Adler viewed it as a transitional period."Now is the time for mid-tier and smaller app publishers to capitalize on this lull in big brand spending and get more visibility for their marketing efforts."

Mobile app marketing specialist Fiksu has released its latest Index report and the results aren’t good for those on a tight budget.

According to the index, app marketing costs continued to rise throughout the month of April - with noticeable volume pouring in from small to mid-sized publishers.

May 30, 2014

“April was an example of marketers with apps in the lower ranks getting visibility for their marketing spend as the big brands dialed back on spending before gearing up for their summer campaigns,” said Fiksu CEO Micah Adler in a statement.

Oh, the agony of mobile marketing costs. App marketing costs rose in April as mobile app developers poured more money into acquiring new users on mobile devices, according to a report by mobile marketing firm Fiksu.

That will lead to more fretting over the rising cost of user acquisition, which takes its toll on free-to-play game and app developers because marketing costs are outstripping app revenues. But if you look at the chart below, you’ll see that mobile app costs are bouncing all over the place. The general trend is up, but there are some slower months where the marketing costs can drop.

May 30, 2014

“This is in contrast to many bigger brand spenders who are often more focused on overall volumes and lower costs per acquisition,” the company stated in an analysis posted Friday.

App marketing costs rose in April after a two-month decline as mobile app developers paid up to acquire new users, according to the latest monthly report by mobile marketing firm Fiksu.

The company said that a surge of spending by big brands in March dropped off last month, underscoring the higher costs paid by smaller apps and games to attract “high-value” users in campaigns.

May 28, 2014

“This report validates what we have been seeing in the 50,000 campaigns we’ve run for our clients, showing Facebook has the hands-down advantage when it comes to the monetary potential of mobile app user acquisition," said Micah Adler, president, CEO and founder, Fiksu.

A new Fiksu Labs Report has compared the performance of media sources for mobile app user acquisition. The report focuses on the ROI of Facebook’s mobile app ads, traditional banner ads, and video ads, and their effectiveness in delivering long term value for app publishers.

The report found that, when benchmarked against banner ads, Facebook provides the best ROI from the standpoint of driving monetization.

May 9, 2014

Glenn Kiladis, vice president of new market and media solutions at mobile marketing firm Fiksu, said that by optimizing your ads, you can bring down the cost per install (or the advertising cost that it takes to get a user to install an app) from $20 down to $5 through programmatic methods. That ensures that your advertising costs don’t outrun the revenues you get from those users.

It feels like mobile gaming is changing so fast that we could use quarterly or maybe daily updates on the state of the industry. That’s why it was good to hang out at the Mobile Gaming USA event in San Francisco earlier this week, getting downloads from some of the industry’s top minds.

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