August 11, 2014

Micah Adler says, "The five most important secrets of Fiksu's success is hiring a great team. We hire people with great intellectual horsepower who have low egos and enjoy working with others. We have a fantastic culture of transparency, openness, no offices, flat organization structure, and no office politics."

One of the most successful startups I interviewed for the book is Fiksu (the word means smart in Finnish). Since the company started selling in 2010, revenue has grown 216 percent, from less than $1 million to $100 million in a mere 3.5 years, with only $17.6 million in venture capital.

Speaking of smart, Fiksu's CEO, Micah Adler, loves algorithms, to develop procedures for solving difficult problems. After his undergraduate degree at MIT, he went on to earn a Ph.D. from Berkeley and win tenure as a computer science professor at UMass Amherst before quitting to start a company.

August 11, 2014

Data-driven mobile ad tech company Fiksu, has announced that is has surpassed $100 million in revenue, driven by the growing demand for targeted, optimized mobile advertising.

Fiksu has been accumulating and analyzing device-level data about the actions loyal mobile app users take like launches, registrations and in-app purchases since 2010. Their data bank now includes profiles of nearly 60%of all smartphones and tablets shipped worldwide.

“Fiksu’s roots have always been in data and now, in our fourth year, the sheer mass of data we have accumulated delivers massive scale and unmatched targeting to businesses and agencies seeking to optimize their mobile advertising results,” said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu. “The future is incredibly bright for data-driven mobile advertising.”

August 9, 2014

In a crowded mobile market, how do you ensure your new app stands out? Start with a soft launch says Craig Palli of Fiksu. Palli offers his tips on how to gather the data you need to make impactful changes ahead of a major release.

So you want to launch a mobile app? Well, you’re not alone. But the process is easier said than done, and you shouldn’t hit the ground running without some careful preparation. If you want to get it right and successfully monetize your app, there are some key steps you can take to achieve your desired results. The most effective of these is a soft launch.

A soft launch allows you to isolate success factors and problem areas in your app through a controlled release in a test market. In fact, independent research shows that about three quarters of game publishers use a soft launch before launching new titles, and the technique works for other types of apps, too. If you bypass this step and release your app to a broad market without any testing, you risk jeopardizing your desired results.

August 8, 2014

"Fiksu's roots have always been in data and now, in our fourth year, the sheer mass of data we have accumulated delivers massive scale and unmatched targeting to businesses and agencies seeking to optimize their mobile advertising results," said CEO Micah Adler.

As it enters a mature phase, the focus of user acquisition companies is switching from explosive growth to potential M&A activity.

So with Tapjoy buying 5Rocks and Yahoo snapping up Flurry, Fiksu seems keen to demonstrate its value in the ecosystem.

It's just announced annual sales on a trailing 12 month basis have just surpassed $100 million.

August 8, 2014

“The future is incredibly bright for data-driven mobile advertising," said Micah Adler, CEO of Fiksu.

Data-driven mobile ad tech company Fiksu has reported annual revenues of $100m (£59.5m), citing a growing demand for data-driven mobile ads as a main driver of their growth.

The company’s Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform now delivers optimisation to over 800 customers, promoting over 2300 mobile apps. It has accumulated and analyzed a wealth of device-level data about the actions of loyal mobile app users through its campaigns, with 3bn app downloads and 3.5 trillion marketing events recorded.

August 8, 2014

I’ve been following Boston-based Fiksu—a provider of ad technology for marketing mobile apps—for a few years now, and knew they were doing well. Until now I didn’t realize just how well — as in, $100 million in revenue during the past 12 months.

The company confirmed that figure today, which had previously been reported by Sara Castellanos at the BBJ. The revenue results put Fiksu in a category that contains few other privately held technology companies in the Boston area; DataXu, another Boston ad tech firm, is the only other one at that revenue level that I have reported on.

And for the full year 2014, Fiksu disclosed that it has every expectation of pulling in revenue of more than $100 million.

July 31, 2014

This summer, however, the number of downloads was even lower than usual: 6.1 million in June, versus 6.6 million in May. June also marked the first time the CPLUI was higher than $2, a 25 increase from May and a 49 percent increase from last year. Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at Fiksu, attributed that to the popularity of the World Cup and Apple's temporary ban on apps with incentivized video advertising.

The cost of app marketing is at an all-time high, according to app marketing technology company Fiksu.

Boston-based Fiksu has been analyzing trends in app marketing for the last four years and in June of this year, the Cost Per Loyal User Index (CPLUI) - which measures how much money brands spend to acquire regular users of their iOS apps - peaked at $2.23. According to Fiksu, a regular user is someone who uses the app at least three times.

July 28, 2014

"If you look at the industry in which we play, there's no lack of data pointing to the phenomenal growth of mobile app industry itself," Pattison said in an interview. "Mobile has really exploded."

Boston-based mobile app marketing software firm Fiksu is cashing in on the worldwide surge in mobile technology, and is seeing annual revenues of more than $100 million, said the company's vice president of marketing, Kathy Pattison.

Fiksu's success, Pattison said, has been largely attributed to the increase in mobile technologies that are being used in many ways by enterprises worldwide.

July 25, 2014

"Facebook has become a tech powerhouse," says Craig Palli, chief strategy officer at app-marketing tech company Fiksu, pointing to Facebook's flourishing businesses in mobile, video and instant messaging.

Last week, Microsoft said it would cleave 18,000 jobs, further distancing itself from the heyday of Bill Gates in the 1980s, '90s and 2000s. Satya Nadella, new CEO of the software giant, has a turnaround plan in motion.

This week, Facebook said it passed 1.32 billion monthly active users during its ninth straight quarter of boffo financial results, the latest exclamation point in the American success story of Mark Zuckerberg. The 2010s are shaping up as the decade of the social-networking giant, as it immerses itself in mobile and video technology.

July 24, 2014

User acquisition costs for titles in Apple’s App Store reached a record high in June, as a change of approach from Apple around video advertising and the World Cup had an impact, according to app marketing company Fiksu.

For the first time in the four years that Fiksu has been analysing mobile app marketing, the cost per loyal user index passed the $2 mark to hit $2.23. This represented a 49 per cent year-on-year increase and a 25 per cent jump from the previous month.

Despite the high user acquisition costs, cost per install actually fell 23 per cent compared to the prior quarter to $0.98. For games, it fell to $0.85 compared with $1.11 in May.

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