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Mobile Apps Unlocked - 2016

May 4 2016 to May 5 2016
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
It's the Data, Dummy — How Successful App Marketing Depends on Great Audience Data

There’s one constant in the fast-moving world of mobile marketing: great data is the key to any successful campaign. This panel will cover how data can be used to build great target audiences, what data you should (and shouldn’t) use to quantify your results, and how to build a data-generation engine to power your ongoing marketing efforts.

AppNation VII @ CES

Jan 6 2016 to Jan 9 2016
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
The State of the Industry

Day 1 at APPNATION always kicks-off with our annual State of APPNATION which brings together a high-caliber panel of leading executives from leading companies across the app economy and ecosystem.  Join us for a session that will cover a wide-range of topics including trends in the areas of app discovery, acquisition, and monetization, funding trends and the next generation of opportunities for app developers, and more.

Session Leader: Spencer Scott, CRO, Fiksu

Dave Madden, SVP, Media Solutions, Electronic Arts
Ben Reubenstein, CEO, Mobile, Possible (WPP)
Hany Nada, Managing Partner, GGV Capital


Mobile Monetization Summit

Dec 1 2015
Speaking Engagement


Benjamin Hansz


M1 Summit

Nov 10 2015
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
Marketing Tech/Cross-Device: Beyond the Install

Gareth Davies/Adbrain, 
Christopher Dean/Swrve, 
Spencer Scott/Fiksu, 
Jeremy Ozen/Vistar, 
Moderator: Heather Menery/Liquid by PCH 

CDX Silicon Valley

Nov 2 2015 to Nov 3 2015
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
The Mobile-First Paradigm Shift

It is quite possible that the your customers now engage with your brand via your mobile app more than any other brand touch point and most consumers from the highly-prized Millennial and emerging Generation Z generations easily consume more media and content – and develop brand preference and make purchase decisions increasingly because of an array of influencers they engage with – on mobile platforms more than any other. This is a massive, consumer engagement paradigm shift that directly impacts brand preference, purchase consideration, CRM and the bottom-line and  we welcome our Founding Partner, Fiksu, to the stage to offer insights into your increasingly mobile-first audience and engage leading brands and buyers to get their thoughts on how to survive, and thrive, in a mobile-first world.

Session Leader: Spencer Scott, Chief Revenue Officer, Fiksu

  • Phil Easter, Head of Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines
  • Scott Hudler, VP, Global Consumer Engagement, Dunkin' Brands

MLA Sessions: Big Data in the City

Oct 19 2015
Speaking Engagement


Mike Bender

Senior Director, Agency Sales
First Party Data: The Currency of the Future

Did you know there are over 200 data points that can be leveraged from a single social login? Consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones in-app generating terabytes of first-party data. In this Session we’ll hear from the experts on how to harness the power of first-party data to bring relevance and user experience to the forefront of in-app advertising.

Brand Innovators Mega Trends

Sep 30 2015
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
Digital Mega-Trends Circa 2015: How Social, Mobile, Content, Video and Data Drive Brand Marketing

2015 is turning out to be a watershed year for the marketing and media industries as digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. At once, social media is changing how brand build 1:1 relationships with their consumers; mobile is becoming the platform of choice for consuming media and entertainment, and E-commerce; brands are publishing more original content than ever; digital video continues to challenge television; big ‘Big Data’ is evolving into ‘Small Data’ and ‘Purposeful Data,’ as brand marketers get their arms around how to use data to fuel their advertising messages. Lean in and learn how today’s foremost brand marketers are using tech to drive ROI in every aspect of their business.

Moderator: Spencer Scott, CRO, Fiksu

Andrea Bernhardt, Director of Digital & Media, RB
Jackson Jeyanayagam, Director of Digital Marketing, Chipotle Mexican Grill
Joshua Nafman, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing & Digital, KIND
Jason Thalappillil, Director, Digital Engagement Group, Digital Strategy & Content, PepsiCo
Kathleen Kayse, VP Sales Strategy and Solutions, Yahoo!

OMMA Audience Buying

Sep 29 2015
Speaking Engagement


Craig Palli

Chief Strategy Officer
It's All About Audiences: Taking a Data-driven Approach to Mobile

We're probably not telling you anything new when we say that audience targeting is a critical component of any successful marketing campaign. In fact, according to a recent study of brand marketers, two-thirds say that the ability to more effectively reach the right audiences is the primary value of digital advertising campaigns. What might be news to you, though, is that when it comes to digital, mobile in particular allows you to target audiences more precisely and effectively than ever before.

In this session, Fiksu's Chief Strategy Officer, Craig Palli, will discuss:

  • How you can engage audiences throughout the mobile customer journey
  • What key data sources you should be leveraging and how that data can be used to effectively build audiences
  • Why programmatic access to key mobile channels is critical for success
  • How the mobile ID makes all of this possible
  • Why its critical to optimize for results

Mobile Media Summit During Advertising Week

Sep 28 2015
Speaking Engagement


Spencer Scott

Chief Revenue Officer
People and Places: Data, Location and Mobile

Location based services are a natural fit for mobile. To make it work, marketers need the data to play nice with location. Our panelists discuss the best way to understand the data, your audience and connect them to location in media campaigns.

Miriam Gottfried – Reporter, Heard on the Street, The Wall Street Journal
Courtney Stuart – Head of Sales, North America, xAd
Spencer Scott – CRO, Fiksu
Chia Chen – SVP & Mobile Practice Lead, DigitasLBi
Jeff Malmad – Managing Director, Mobile, Mindshare
Angela Steele – CEO, Ansible

CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit

Aug 17 2015 to Aug 19 2015
Speaking Engagement


Nick Fidler

Senior Director, Mobile Sales

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