Drive large volumes of users quickly and cost effectively

Fiksu’s FreeMyApps® is the “go-to” incent network for app publishers and game marketers that need to drive large volumes of installs quickly and cost effectively.

FreeMyApps is the world’s highest-volume, incentivized app discovery network for iOS and Android. It’s designed for speed, so you can drive installs quickly when you need them the most. It’s designed for volume, so you can deliver on very large acquisition goals. And FreeMyApps is designed for quality, by delivering users who actually use your app – and spread the word on your behalf.

All with outstanding marketing ROI, by delivering engaged users at the industry’s lowest CPIs.

Leading app publishers and game marketers use FreeMyApps to:

  • Raise App Store and Google Play visibility in record time
  • Drive large install volume at the lowest cost
  • Acquire high-quality organic users

FreeMyApps burst campaigns can deliver up to 50,000 installs in 72 hours.

Active users are seeking your app

FreeMyApps includes a thriving community of 1.6 million monthly active users that are constantly seeking new games and apps.


Here’s how it works:

  1. iOS users visit from an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Android users can simply install the FreeMyApps app.
  2. They browse free sponsor apps and choose apps they want to try.
  3. They're then directed to iTunes or Google Play to download and install their apps.
  4. Users earn credits for launching and engaging with the sponsor apps. 
  5. They can then redeem those credits on the FreeMyApps rewards page for gift cards with iTunes, Google Play,, Hulu+, and many others.

Users love FreeMyApps because they earn rewards for doing what they love to do. They can also earn credits for referring friends to the service, encouraging social sharing. 

App marketers love FreeMyApps because they reach their acquisition goals with outstanding ROI - and with ease. They can also take advantage of extensive social media reach, including a Twitter following of over 257,000 and a Facebook reach of over 264,000.

Why don’t you find out for yourself? It’s easy to run a FreeMyApps test campaign. 

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