Fiksu Retargeting

Maximizing user engagement is critical to app marketing success: typically, user engagement drops dramatically as time goes on. Fiksu Retargeting can keep your app and brand top of mind and encourage users to take specific actions within your app.

What Fiksu Retargeting Can Do

  • Reactivate lapsed users
  • Cross-promote new offerings to your current user base
  • Encourage actions such as opening a shopping cart or completing a registration
  • Promote your mobile app to your desktop users
  • Move users along the conversion funnel through timely reminders

Why Use Fiksu Retargeting?

Fiksu Retargeting allows marketers to cost-effectively reach highly targeted user segments across all major mobile advertising channels.

  • ROI: Fiksu Retargeting campaigns can drive improvements of 70% or more on key monetization metrics.
  • Reach: Only Fiksu can retarget across all major mobile media sources – major ad networks, real time bidding exchanges, and social media. The best reach means the most flexibility to use the channels that work best for your business and the best chance to find your existing users in multiple ways.
  • Manage across sources: Fiksu’s unified management across sources enables us to control the user experience and eliminate oversaturation and overlap.
  • Simple, fast implementation: Manage campaigns across multiple sources with a single insertion order and SDK.​

Featured Technology

Audience segmentation tools: Target your campaigns across a wide variety of criteria such as user actions, engagement history, demographics, interests, geography and others.

Deep linking: Bring users directly to pages where they can take action, such as in-app purchase pages, registration pages, tutorials or shopping carts.

Data management tools for consistent, reliable data: Working with multiple media sources means reconciling inconsistent measurement, control, and reporting systems. Fiksu provides consistent methodology, and measurement technologies that give you a unified view of your performance across all channels. These technologies also provide infrastructure for frequency capping across media sources and a single unified control group to quantify your successes.

Optimization: Fiksu optimization algorithms reallocate spend dynamically to maximize ROI -- including optimization across multiple advertising channels, within a channel to specific targets, and to high-performing creatives.

Integration with the Fiksu Product Family

Attribution: Uses patent-pending Fiksu Attribution and analytics for complete measurement and reporting.

Media integration: Fiksu integration technology provides access to Facebook, major real time bidding exchanges, and major ad networks for simplified single point access and management for market-wide campaigns.

Data Store integration: Retargeting leverages the Fiksu Data Store to conduct user segmentation and targeting. This integrated infrastructure enables quick turnaround campaigns* – you define your retargeting criteria, and Fiksu takes care of the details. Get your campaign running in days without the data management hassles.


PGA Tour Quote

Retaining and engaging mobile users is increasingly a challenge as the number of app developers seeking to acquire users rises. Find out more about getting started with Fiksu Retargeting.



*Requires use of Fiksu SDK.

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