By tightly integrating media buying, big data, attribution, and optimization, Fiksu’s mobile app user acquisition products deliver comprehensive mobile app marketing: cost-effective, end-to-end solutions for finding the mobile app users you need.​


The Fiksu Product Family

Fiksu Programmatic Demand Platform

Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform

The technology backbone that enables the performance and power of all Fiksu solutions

The platform infrastructure that supports all of our products includes tracking and attribution, large scale data capture and analytics, advanced optimization, and integration hooks into client and ecosystem partners.

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Fiksu Display

Fiksu Display

The broadest spectrum of ad inventory for proven delivery of loyal users

Traditional mobile banner ad networks are a proven building block of mobile user acquisition. With Fiksu Display, you get access to all leading ad networks from a single entry point - plus expert optimization across all of them.

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Fiksu Social

Fiksu Social

Outstanding results through unmatched audience segmentation

Facebook takes finding exactly the right users for your app to a whole new level through incredibly granular audience segmentation tools. Combined with Fiksu’s programmatic optimization, this channel offers outstanding returns for almost any app.

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Fiksu DSP

Fiksu DSP

Programmatic real-time mobile media buying for precise targeting and efficiency

Fiksu’s demand-side platform for real-time bidding (RTB) platform optimizes over 200,000 bid requests per second with unbeatable granularity, providing a valuable new source of users at scale.

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Fiksu Incent

Fiksu Incent

High volumes of installs at low CPIs for maximum visibility

Get your app maximum visibility and drive organic downloads at the lowest possible cost through coordinated use of leading incentivized sources. Includes Fiksu’s own app discovery network, FreeMyApps.

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Fiksu Attribution

Fiksu Attribution

Closed-loop attribution for effective mobile tracking on iOS and Android

Track the performance of your mobile marketing from first click to long-term usage -- across virtually any marketing channel.

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Fiksu Retargeting

Fiksu Retargeting

Engage, reactivate, and spur users to action across multiple channels and platforms

Engage and nurture key user segments with highly targeted campaigns via real time bidding exchanges, Facebook and leading ad networks.

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