Interesting news being reported by TechCrunch today: according to an article by Sarah Perez, Apple is now rejecting apps that are using HTML5 cookie tracking from the App Store. While this may come as a surprise to some, the good news is that over time, the marketplace has developed multiple solutions to mobile ad tracking on iOS.

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Last week, Facebook crossed a significant threshold, announcing for the first time, it has now more mobile users than desktop users: 680 million daily mobile active users, to be precise. For app marketers, Facebook presents a massive opportunity, but reaching out to and acquiring volumes of loyal users has always been an expensive and complex challenge and one that Facebook itself has wrestled with.

  • Facebook reports that mobile use exceeded PC use for the first time ever in Q4 2012.
  • In just five short months since its release, Apple’s iOS 6 is now powering a whopping 300 million devices around the world.
  • As the app store giants continue to jostle for first place, Apple's App Store hits record revenue numbers while Google Play boasts faster growth.
  • During Q4 2012, Apple sold more smartphones than any other seller in the U.S. market, a first for the company.

The 2012 holidays marked a turning point for mobile marketing, with significant growth in mobile devices, app downloads, and shopping conducted via smartphones and tablets. On Christmas Day, 17.4 million iOS and Android devices and tablets were unwrapped and activated – breaking the 2011 record by more than 2.5x.

  • Apple reported record revenue numbers this week, along with record iPhone and iPad sales.
  • As if the App Store isn’t packed enough, 2013 will bring an estimated 435,000 new apps to iOS users – further aggravating discovery challenges for app marketers.
  • Across iOS, Android, and RIM, Facebook is the No. 1 app in the U.S., with nearly 86 million unique visitors per month.
  • A new report shows mobile advertising prices rose dramatically in the fourth quarter of 2012, underscoring the role of mobile as a key marketing strategy during the recent holiday season.
  • After much industry speculation, Facebook debuted its beta Graph Search, a social search engine powered by Microsoft Bing.
  • Check out seven ways mobile apps are driving revenue for major brands this year.

It's always exciting to get out and meet with the the individuals who are driving the mobile explosion -- even more so in a big mobile town like Boston -- so we were happy to speak at and sponsor Mobile Monday Boston's Marketing and Advertising panel discussion this past Monday. It was enlightening to hear from such a great panel, as well as to speak with representatives from so many innovative companies who packed the event.

  • The Apple App Store hits a new record – 40 billion downloads!
  • Recent reports indicate that Apple’s iOS tops 50 percent of U.S. smartphone sales, up nearly 36 percent from last year, achieving the highest percentage of sales in the American market to date.
  • Expect to see many more tablets in the workplace this year as the BYOD (bring your own device) trend adds more personal tabets to the business environment and companies seek to purchase these devices over computers.

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