The Cambridge Innovation Center saw a packed house last week for a lively panel discussion – Mobile Advertising Today and a Vision for the Future: Lessons Learned in Attribution, Measurement and Privacy – hosted by Women in Wireless and Girls in Tech.

It’s really exciting to work for a company that fosters employee engagement and camaraderie. A place where fun, creativity and hard work are all deemed necessary to create a successful workplace. From “walk to work Wednesdays” to our legendary “beer Friday” afternoon bashes, Fiksu embraces and embodies a “work hard, play hard” mentality. And that is why we are thrilled to announce that the Boston Business Journal has named Fiksu one of the Best Places to Work in Massachusetts.

Our latest Fiksu Indexes are out – revealing a sharp drop in iPhone app downloads during the month of March. This dramatic decline returned app store competition to levels similar to those before the iPhone 4S launch last October.

Here’s a snapshot of the latest data:

As apps become a main distribution method for media on mobile phones, a new report shows ad dollars shifting from mobile sites to popular mobile apps themselves. Other newly released industry data reveals that tablets will continue to grow in popularity over the next several years; yielding massive app downloads – approximately 13.7 billion by 2016. Read on for more details on the latest mobile industry research and more…

Apple will announce its second quarter earnings next Tuesday, and analysts are upping estimates of iPhone and iPad sales. As excitement for the “new” iPad 3 begins to subside Apple consumers have turned their attention toward the company’s next product launch: the iPhone 5.

It’s no secret that the UDID has been a topic of controversy in recent weeks. Recent reports that Apple is rejecting some apps that utilize the UDID have generated significant levels of confusion and debate. Exacerbating matters are conflicting reports and escalating rumors of what apps Apple is or is not approving leaving app developers and marketers struggling to answer the question of how best to grow their business in the face of UDID deprecation.

It’s really exciting to work in the skyrocketing world of mobile apps. The high level of user interest presents brands with exciting new opportunities to promote their services and products to an ever-growing audience. However, cutting through the noise to generate enough cost-effective downloads to scale an app business remains a challenge. And that is Fiksu’s sweet spot.

How often do you think about your App Title, Landing Page and Meta Tags?  Maybe you review it every time there’s an app update, maybe less often. At the end of the day, it’s fairly difficult to tie landing page characteristics to search rank and downloads, so why bother?! Ahem, sorry, wrong answer! Especially when you’re talking about Android...

New research reveals Android now commands 50.1 percent of the U.S. smartphone market. It seems owners of the new iPad are experiencing yet another problem with the new device—slow and intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity. And according to a new report, consumer app downloads to mobile devices are expected to reach more than 66 billion per year by 2016. Read on for more…

The Android platform offers many advantages to the app developer, compared to iOS. Not least of which is the ability for 100 percent closed loop ROI analysis of advertising campaigns—similar to what you would expect from a typical online campaign. In simple terms, this means that the ROI and efficiency of every single campaign can be uniquely tracked and measured, giving complete transparency into campaign dynamics and creative performance.

How does it work?


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