Coffee lovers, rejoice! Smartphone users can now pay for their cups of joe at Dunkin’ Donuts via a new mobile app. A new study reveals that tablet sales will balloon in the next four years, while other industry research suggests that mobile ads are viewed most favorably on iPhones. And, in advance of the fast-approaching Sept. 12 iPhone 5 announcement, Apple fans are voicing their “wish lists” for the new device.

Venture capital investments in mobile have boomed this year, reaching levels not seen since 2001. For thrill-seekers hoping to hit the jackpot and “win big,” new smartphone and tablet apps are providing Las Vegas-style gambling options – with real money – at the swipe of an index finger. And following a series of leaks and rumors, Google Play will now offer gift cards for its content-distribution store.

According to industry data, mobile now trumps every other channel for media consumption. And a new study presents evidence that encourages app developers to increasingly incorporate custom ad experiences into in-app ads to bolster engagement. On the tablet front, Samsung has pulled out the big guns, unveiling its 2012 “hero product.” And two app brands in the jam-packed games category have found a way to crack the monetization mystery – and are reaping the benefits.

With the iPhone 5’s reported release less than one month away, iPhone prices and sales have dropped, while reports about the device’s new features have continued swirling. According to new industry research, Apple’s iPad has continued its market dominance. And, as we say goodbye to the 2012 Summer Olympics, it’s clear that mobile earned “gold” as the channel delivering the greatest online audience engagement during the Games.

As anticipation builds for the reported September release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, conjectures about which features will and will not be on the device are surfacing along with high expectations for device sales. In other news, a new study reveals some interesting gender-related trends when it comes to the hottest tablets on the market. And the latest reports from London show that mobile apps are providing golden opportunities for Olympic coaches to review their star athletes’ performances.

Following months of rumors, a date has reportedly been set for the launch of the iPhone 5. In other welcome news, two industry reports chart the significant growth of mobile ad spending and app revenues. Meanwhile, Android developers received word of important policy changes for the Google Play app store.

School’s out, and just as we saw last year, iPhone app downloads started increasing during the beginning of the summer months, causing App Store competition to heat up. Fiksu’s June Indexes reflect this trend, plus a significant rise in the costs of loyal user acquisition.

Here’s a snapshot of the latest data:

You may have read that in early July we received $10 million in Series B financing, a major step forward in Fiksu’s mission to deliver high-performance mobile app marketing value to brands.

This week, Apple announced its third quarter earnings. Though the company missed Wall Street’s lofty expectations this time around, Apple still moved an enormous amount of iDevices over the last three months, TechCrunch reports.

After recently announcing the next version of Android, “Jelly Bean,” Google touted some impressive numbers surrounding the Google Play ecosystem. With 1.5 billion installs a month, 600,000 available apps and games and 20 billion app installs, Google is quickly closing the gap between Google Play and Apple’s App Store.


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