iPad Air Usage Twice that of iPad 4 and Mini Combined After Opening Weekends

Apple's new iPad Air went on sale on Friday 11/1, and according to our tracker, it's having a remarkable opening weekend. As of this writing, the Air is now making up 0.69% of active iOS tablets using apps in our network. While that's objectively a pretty small share, it stands out when compared to recent iPad launches. After the opening weekend a year ago, the iPad 4 had just 0.14% of activity, and the iPad mini had 0.21%. That means the Air is seeing five times the usage the iPad 4 did two days after launch - and more than 3 times that of the iPad mini.

See the live statistics here.

Since those two launched the same day, they may have diluted the demand somewhat -- but even combined they only saw 0.35% of usage after the launch weekend. So the iPad Air is seeing twice as much usage as the iPad 4 and the iPad mini combined

The real kicker is that the growth of the Air is just getting started. Take a look at the adoption rates of last year's iPads plotted out through the end of the year:

The data shows slow growth through November, with a small bump after Thanksgiving/Black Friday and then a huge spike Christmas Day. If the iPad Air follows the same general trajectory from this accelerated start, then Apple CEO Tim Cook's prediction that "it's going to be an iPad Christmas" isn't going to be in much doubt.

We'll keep tracking the activity of the Air -- and the iPad mini 2, once it launches later this month -- at least through the end of the year. Who knows, maybe I'll be checking it on a new iPad Air by Christmas.

Methodology: we sample batches of 10M recorded app events (launches, purchases, and registrations) every hour, from apps that use Fiksu's SDK. We then chart the percentage of active iOS tablets on each version, at a set date after launch -- starting Nov 1, 2013 for the iPad Air, and starting Nov 2, 2012 for the iPad 4 and iPad mini.

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