Earlier this week Apple released its updated figures on iOS adoption, showing that 87 percent of devices are running on iOS 7, 11 percent on iOS 6 and 2 percent on earlier OS’.

And would you look at that - an identical representation of what Fiksu is seeing on its iOS adoption tracker!

This week, Fiksu shared the success story of our partnership with Plain Vanilla Games on their incredibly popular trivia game, QuizUp – named “the fastest growing iPhone game in history.” 

We have some exciting news to share before the holidays: we’ve recently been named the Most Effective Mobile Advertising Platform in Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Effective Mobile Marketing Awards.

At Fiksu, we've built a culture of innovation, communication, collaboration, and support, and consider our team to be our number one asset. That’s why we’re so honored to share that Fiksu was named one of 2012's “Top Places to Work” by the Boston Globe this week.

It’s really exciting to work in the skyrocketing world of mobile apps. The high level of user interest presents brands with exciting new opportunities to promote their services and products to an ever-growing audience. However, cutting through the noise to generate enough cost-effective downloads to scale an app business remains a challenge. And that is Fiksu’s sweet spot.

We are pleased to announce that Fiksu has been selected as a finalist for ad:tech’s Startup Spotlight Series. The ad:tech Startup Spotlight Series showcases the “most innovative, enterprising new companies in digital marketing.” Chosen by a group of agency execs, VCs and entrepreneurs, it is an honor for Fiksu to be among the sixteen selected finalists.