As the mobile app market continues to mature, brands have set their sights on sophisticated goals beyond basic user acquisition, aiming to reach their target users across multiple barriers: over time and across apps and device platforms. Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop – in fact, eMarketer says that 55 percent of marketers view retargeting as one of the most important forms of targeting.

Last week, Apple released its Best of 2013 rankings, showcasing the apps (and music, and movies) that saw the most success on iTunes and the App Store. We're proud of the success our clients have, and we knew they'd be well-represented on the Top Grossing apps list -- but the extent might surprise you. 

It’s the season of nonstop events here at Fiksu: from San Francisco to London to Korea and back, the Fiksu team is wrapping up its multi-country world tour, meeting with and hearing from some of the most influential folks in the industry. After many flights, presentations and demonstrations – and trying to keep track of it all – here is our recap of where we’ve been over the last couple of months.


The Fiksu2Fiksu ride has official become a tradition in our Massachusetts offices at Fiksu. The second annual 100-mile bicycle ride from our North Hampton office to our Boston office took place the last Saturday in September, and was once again a huge success.

Above: The riders after arriving at the Boston office.

While the buzzword "transparency" gets thrown around a lot, it's not always used consistently. Here's a quick look at why transparency is so important and what it really looks like.

Mixing multiple sources essential to app marketing success

App marketing today isn't about choosing "the" best source of new users: no matter how effective Facebook or another channel is, there are always more users to be had at other channels. Successful strategies balance a range of incent, non-incent, and social app marketing channels to get the best total results.

This week the Mobile Excellence Awards announced its 2013 finalists, and for the second year in a row, we’re honored to be recognized as a finalist – this year as an Industry Star!

We recently announced a partnership with Groupon to support their international expansion, and our CEO and founder Micah Adler was on Bloomberg TV to discuss that partnership as well as a larger theme of collaboration. 

Here's the first segment, focused on Fiksu and our partnership with Groupon:

Today, half of the entire U.S. population uses smartphones. As a nation, we are addicted to our devices and our apps. In fact, according to Mary Meeker’s latest report, most smartphone users now check their phones 150 times a day! So it’s no wonder that marketers are waking up to the fact that apps present an incredible canvas for marketing and engaging with consumers.

One of the challenges of Fiksu's growth -- more than doubling in the last year -- has been office space. As of last week, we've addressed the issue with room to spare: we moved into a new location in downtown Boston on Monday 6/3.

After the jump, our CEO Micah Adler cutting the ceremonial ribbon. Sadly we were unable to find one of those really giant pairs of scissors.


Fiksu CEO Micah Adler cuts the ceremonial ribbon on our new downtown Boston offices.

This post originally appeared on Chief Marketer.

The mobile revolution isn’t coming—it’s already happened. If the early bird gets the worm, then those with early-adopter advantage will be quick to disrupt, steal market share and monetize mobile.